Most Commonly Used Types Of Nuts

Fasteners are an important part of any aviation machinery. They have to be able to withstand extreme circumstances and remain reliable in all situations. In the aerospace industry, fasteners are used in countless different capacities. Nuts, a very commonly used fastener, are as varied as their uses. The four most common types of nuts are acorn nuts, square nuts, wing nuts, and weld nuts. This blog will explain each of these types in detail.

Acorn Nuts

Acorn nuts are also known as cap nuts. They are designed so that one end of the nut is covered by a dome in order to keep the screw covered. You will most likely find these nuts used in car wheels. When using these nuts, be aware of what length of screw will protrude above the nut. It can not be higher than the total height of the dome, otherwise it will be difficult to put the nut in place.

Square Nuts

Square nuts are easy to differentiate from others due to their square body. Most other types of nuts are either round or hexagonal in shape. Square nuts are most often used to fasten small items, for instance, during electrical installation. Their small size also lends them to use in tight spaces.

Wing Nuts

Wing nuts have wing-like structures on their surfaces. This makes them very easy to wind or unwind by hand. Because of this, wing nuts are commonly used in cases where regular removal and re-fastening is expected. Their ease of removal also means they are not strong enough to withstand large forces and therefore are not usable in heavy duty work.

Weld Nuts

Weld nuts are probably what you imagine when you picture a nut in your head. They are designed to have a protrusion from the surface of the nut. Just as the name implies, these nuts are typically welded after being put in place. Because of this, they are the most permanent nuts.

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