7 Aircraft Maintenance Tips You Need to Know

Managing and operating an aircraft takes serious effort. From keeping up with FAR and FAA policies to ensuring that you’ve hired and trained a certified cabin crew, there is a lot that goes into overseeing an aircraft. Whether you’re the sole owner and supervisor of your aircraft or you’re delegating specific tasks to different teams of professionals, it’s crucial to know what kind of maintenance goes into keeping your fleet in tip top shape. Read on below for some helpful aircraft maintenance tips:

  1. Ensure Your Tires Are In Ideal Condition

Your aircraft may not utilize its Aircraft tires for long periods of time, but they run at high speeds and carry a ton of weight which means they can get worn down easily. As they are the “legs” of the plane, it's important to regularly check on tire pressure and their overall condition.

  1. Clean Your Instrument Panel

The instrument panel is a major asset to operating the plane and any smudges, spills, cracks or stains on this panel could potentially obstruct the view of the altitude indicator and other information important for the pilot crew. Most instrument panels now are made of glass so investing in an aviation glass cleaning item is beneficial. 

  1. Maintain / Acquire Maintenance Management Solution

An aviation maintenance management solution is often used with entire aircraft fleets but they can also be useful for private aircraft owners. The maintenance management system is designed to make maintenance for your aircraft easier to track.

  1. Make Sure Aircraft is Regularly Serviced

As important as it is for your car to receive regular maintenance work, it’s even more important for your aircraft to have it done. When getting work done, be sure to rely only on experts in their field to check for things like spark plugs, fittings, and the engine.

  1. Be On High Alert For Something Amiss

This is what will separate a meets-expectation aircraft manager from a superior one. Oftentimes, when some part of the aircraft is not working, it will go unnoticed until inspection. However, if you are cognizant of your aircraft, you would notice anything strange prior to routine tests and checkups.

  1. Obtain Clean Fuel

This is an important bit of advice that, unless you’re an expert at it, you might want to delegate to a professional. Your plane runs on this, so keeping clean, good-quality fuel should be a priority. Our experts at NSN Parts Hub can direct you to the best fuel for your aircraft.

  1. Keep Aircraft Exterior Clean

Last but not least, you’ll want to invest in the right cleaning products that will keep the exterior of your aircraft clean. A proper pressure washing system will certainly help but certain parts do require a specialized product.

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