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At NSN Parts Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we offer our clients a streamlined parts purchasing platform. We readily provide NSN parts manufacturer Veterans Health - (CAGE Code 4LQT5), parts such as NDC00998-0355-15, NDC00186-0742-31, NDC00078-0375-46, NDC00206-8855-16, NDC60793-0215-05 with NSN 6505008718289, 6505013142716, 6505015095349, 6505015412276, 6505001612950. With a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts with civil and defence applications within the aerospace industry. As a trusted FAA AC 0056B accredited company and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), our clients rely on us to provide high quality NSN parts to meet NSN requirements.

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CAGE Code: 4LQT5

Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
NDC00998-0355-15 6505-00-871-8289 tropicamide ophthal Avl RFQ
NDC00186-0742-31 6505-01-314-2716 omeprazole extended Avl RFQ
NDC00078-0375-46 6505-01-509-5349 cream pimecrolimus Avl RFQ
NDC00206-8855-16 6505-01-541-2276 piperacillin and ta Avl RFQ
NDC60793-0215-05 6505-00-161-2950 thrombin usp Avl RFQ
NDC00069-3140-19 6505-01-505-3359 azithromycin for or Avl RFQ
NDC00009-3389-01 6505-01-108-0808 methylprednisolone Avl RFQ
NDC00071-0007-24 6505-00-687-8486 phenytoin tablets u Avl RFQ
NDC00065-0644-35 6505-01-146-8755 tobramycin ophthalm Avl RFQ
NDC00472-1738-03 6505-01-215-7753 miconazole nitrate Avl RFQ
NDC24208-0631-10 6505-01-014-1378 neomycin and polymy Avl RFQ
NDC17478-0205-10 6505-01-153-3257 phenylephrine hydro Avl RFQ
NDC49281-0752-21 6505-00-117-8783 tuberculin usp Avl RFQ
NDC00093-3145-01 6505-00-165-6545 cephalexin capsules Avl RFQ
NDC00024-1596-01 6505-01-348-2465 primaquine phosphat Avl RFQ
NDC00591-5307-01 6505-01-364-8557 promethazine hydroc Avl RFQ
NDC24208-0790-62 6505-01-143-4643 neomycin and polymy Avl RFQ
NDC00536-3755-05 6505-00-148-9815 docusate calcium ca Avl RFQ
NDC00065-0643-05 6505-01-146-8756 tobramycin ophthalm Avl RFQ
NDC00149-0710-01 6505-01-352-3884 nitrofurantoin exte Avl RFQ
NDC00006-0571-43 6505-01-447-0082 indinavir sulfate c Avl RFQ
NDC00517-1010-25 6505-00-957-8089 atropine sulfate in Avl RFQ
NDC50458-0300-06 6505-01-387-9565 risperidone tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00029-1526-11 6505-01-434-1714 mupirocin ointment Avl RFQ
NDC63323-0013-02 6505-01-509-4411 thiamine hydrochlor Avl RFQ
NDC63653-1171-01 6505-01-482-3067 clopidogrel bisulfa Avl RFQ
NDC50242-0085-27 6505-01-366-3202 alteplase for injec Avl RFQ
NDC00517-4905-25 6505-01-492-6420 dexamethasone sodiu Avl RFQ
NDC00075-0624-30 6505-01-377-1444 enoxaparin injectio Avl RFQ
NDC63323-0303-51 6505-01-083-1038 tobramycin for inje Avl RFQ
NDC00006-0735-54 6505-01-354-4544 simvastain tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00013-8303-04 6505-01-440-7641 latanoprost solutio Avl RFQ
NDC00024-1535-48 6505-00-149-0746 hexachlorophene cle Avl RFQ
NDC62856-0243-30 6505-01-505-5803 rabeprazole sodium Avl RFQ
NDC00121-0421-04 6505-00-133-4948 pseudoephedrine hyd Avl RFQ
NDC00517-1071-25 6505-00-299-8760 epinephrine injecti Avl RFQ
NDC50242-0038-61 6505-01-480-4799 tenecteplase for injec Avl RFQ
NDC00009-0056-04 6505-01-131-5619 methylprednisolone Avl RFQ
NDC00069-3060-30 6505-01-449-1635 azithromycin tablet Avl RFQ
NDC50242-0044-13 6505-01-279-5288 alteplase for injec Avl RFQ
NDC00009-0017-59 6505-01-432-8996 triazolam tablets u Avl RFQ
NDC57644-0477-18 6505-01-071-6557 metoprolol tartrate Avl RFQ
NDC00049-4910-30 6505-01-535-6108 sertraline hydrochl Avl RFQ
NDC51479-0055-30 6505-01-437-6228 cefepime hydrochlor Avl RFQ
NDC00173-0442-00 6505-01-336-6184 ondansetron hydroch Avl RFQ
NDC00009-0280-02 6505-01-233-7616 methylprednisolone Avl RFQ
NDC51079-0598-20 6505-00-118-1794 clindamycin hydroch Avl RFQ
NDC00074-6214-13 6505-01-155-3574 divalproex sodium d Avl RFQ
NDC00093-3123-01 6505-00-369-7289 dicloxacillin sodiu Avl RFQ
NDC63323-0229-05 6505-01-503-7425 protamine sulfate i Avl RFQ
NDC00173-0933-56 6505-01-455-4230 valacyclovir hydroc Avl RFQ
NDC51079-0122-20 6505-01-142-4914 metronidazole table Avl RFQ
NDC00574-0121-25 6505-00-135-2881 charcoal activated Avl RFQ
NDC00049-3500-79 6505-01-395-3039 fluconazole tablets Avl RFQ
NDC00065-4013-03 6505-01-509-0677 moxifloxacin hydroc Avl RFQ
NDC00074-4456-04 6505-01-497-9961 sevoflurance liquid Avl RFQ
NDC00093-3389-01 6505-01-108-0808 methylprednisolone Avl RFQ
NDC00173-0521-00 6505-01-509-4292 salmeterol xinafoat Avl RFQ
NDC00006-4995-00 6505-01-502-9962 hepatitis b virus v Avl RFQ
NDC63323-0180-01 6505-01-242-9485 pyridoxine hydrochl Avl RFQ
NDC53390-0126-10 6505-01-239-5492 midazolam hydrochlo Avl RFQ
NDC00781-3124-95 6505-01-302-6664 nafcillin for injec Avl RFQ
NDC00065-0795-50 6505-01-119-7694 ophthalmic irrigati Avl RFQ
NDC00071-0805-24 6505-01-387-1817 gabapentin capsules Avl RFQ
NDC00075-0623-00 6505-01-505-8467 enoxaparin injectio Avl RFQ
NDC63323-0010-20 6505-01-505-0825 gentamicin sulfate Avl RFQ
NDC00173-0449-02 6505-01-374-5874 sumatriptan succina Avl RFQ
NDC00023-7824-10 6505-01-320-0234 trimethoprim and po Avl RFQ
NDC00065-0647-05 6505-01-304-1008 tobramycin and dexa Avl RFQ
NDC00310-0130-11 6505-01-281-2771 lisinopril tablets Avl RFQ
NDC17478-0284-35 6505-00-432-1065 gentamicin sulfate Avl RFQ
NDC00093-0536-05 6505-01-130-6832 naproxen sodium tab Avl RFQ
NDC00009-0902-11 6505-01-187-5540 clindamycin injecti Avl RFQ
NDC00093-9133-06 6505-01-237-0544 amiodarone tablets Avl RFQ
NDC11980-0180-05 6505-00-133-5843 prednisolone acetat Avl RFQ
NDC00071-0418-13 6505-01-153-3379 nitroglycerin table Avl RFQ
NDC63323-0268-01 6505-01-088-0499 scopolamine hydrobromi Avl RFQ
NDC00009-0171-07 6505-01-219-7968 glyburide tablets u Avl RFQ
NDC00065-0654-35 6505-01-476-8686 ciprofloxacin hydro Avl RFQ
NDC00006-3843-71 6505-01-503-5374 ertapenem sodium fo Avl RFQ
NDC17478-0062-35 6505-00-150-7622 lubricant ophthalmi Avl RFQ
NDC00121-0431-30 6505-00-118-1573 milk of magnesia us Avl RFQ
NDC00548-3339-00 6505-01-094-6196 atropine sulfate injec Avl RFQ
NDC00143-1227-01 6505-00-944-4130 dicyclomine hydroch Avl RFQ
NDC00075-0622-80 6505-01-505-8466 enoxaparin injectio Avl RFQ
NDC00029-6571-26 6505-01-312-9086 ticarcillin and cla Avl RFQ
NDC00007-5500-40 6505-01-447-7334 albendazole tablets us Avl RFQ
NDC00009-0064-04 6505-01-276-2029 medroxyprogesterone Avl RFQ
NDC00078-0367-15 6505-01-425-3166 famciclovir tablets Avl RFQ
NDC24208-0920-64 6505-00-582-4737 tetracaine hydrochl Avl RFQ
NDC00641-0491-25 6505-01-230-3931 prochlorperazine edisy Avl RFQ
NDC00049-0520-83 6505-01-445-9244 penicillin g potass Avl RFQ
NDC55390-0110-10 6505-01-516-7604 doxycyline for inje Avl RFQ
NDC00065-0396-05 6505-01-091-4838 cyclopentolate hydr Avl RFQ
NDC00173-0719-20 6505-01-532-6924 fluticasone propion Avl RFQ
NDC00168-0326-08 6505-01-482-8822 nitroglycerin ointm Avl RFQ
NDC00078-0053-03 6505-00-116-1374 methylergonovine ma Avl RFQ
NDC00029-6075-31 6505-01-339-6919 amoxicillin and cla Avl RFQ
NDC00025-1525-31 6505-01-491-9443 celecoxib capsule Avl RFQ
NDC60429-0147-40 6505-00-117-8579 penicillin v potass Avl RFQ
NDC00009-0050-02 6505-00-890-1355 medroxyprogesterone Avl RFQ
NDC00574-0120-08 6505-01-282-8880 charcoal activated Avl RFQ
NDC00487-5901-99 6505-01-513-8441 racepinephrine inha Avl RFQ
NDC24208-0732-05 6505-00-001-3345 fluorescein sodium Avl RFQ
NDC00029-6074-47 6505-01-264-2366 amoxicillin and cla Avl RFQ
NDC00009-0900-13 6505-00-753-9609 hydrocortisone sodi Avl RFQ
NDC00641-1398-35 6505-01-505-5923 chlorpromazine hydr Avl RFQ
NDC00065-0648-35 6505-01-318-1530 tobramycin and dexa Avl RFQ
NDC49502-0500-01 6505-01-152-7626 autoinjector epinep Avl RFQ
NDC00009-0190-16 6505-01-492-5896 methylprednisolone sod Avl RFQ
NDC00517-4810-25 6505-01-354-1044 nitroglycerin injec Avl RFQ
NDC00069-3060-75 6505-01-449-1618 azithromycin tablet Avl RFQ
NDC63323-0012-01 6505-01-505-0773 oxytocin injection Avl RFQ
NDC00093-9107-29 6505-01-388-1364 mebendazole tablets us Avl RFQ
00603-1481-49 6505-00-216-5051 nystatin oral suspe Avl RFQ
NDC00029-1525-44 6505-01-480-5678 mupirocin ointment Avl RFQ
NDC61703-0422-81 6505-01-525-3014 multivitamin soluti Avl RFQ
NDC00009-0746-35 6505-01-371-5203 medroxyprogesterone Avl RFQ
NDC00006-4995-41 6505-01-504-1047 hepatitis b virus v Avl RFQ
NDC00378-0257-10 6505-01-003-2415 haloperidol tablets Avl RFQ

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