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At NSN Parts Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we offer our clients a streamlined parts purchasing platform. We readily provide NSN parts manufacturer Ultra Electronics Precision Air parts such as 5165YMARK5, 041112, 218002, 214093, 8008A2C1J70(R)L2N1(R)145TURNSON with NSN 6220003334568, 5935012012987, 5962001381500, 5962010708432, 6210014942896. With a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts with civil and defence applications within the aerospace industry. As a trusted FAA AC 0056B accredited company and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), our clients rely on us to provide high quality NSN parts to meet NSN requirements.

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
5165YMARK5 6220-00-333-4568 indicator Avl RFQ
041112 5935-01-201-2987 connector body rece Avl RFQ
218002 5962-00-138-1500 microcircuit linear Avl RFQ
214093 5962-01-070-8432 microcircuit digita Avl RFQ
8008A2C1J70(R)L2N1(R 6210-01-494-2896 light indicator Avl RFQ
MSC 800-8-A2C2-J72-L 6210-01-400-2515 light indicator Avl RFQ
6400-000-15 3120-01-009-2971 bearing sleeve Avl RFQ
8100-1035 1680-99-957-4106 filter recharge pac Avl RFQ
1239Z11TYPEA 5999-01-079-3128 contact electrical Avl RFQ
800A1C1E4J3L2N2(BR 5930-01-265-3964 switch push Avl RFQ
MSC 800-8-A1C2D4-J72 5930-01-396-0840 switch push Avl RFQ
YSL360565 5930-00-687-1960 switch toggle Avl RFQ
41812-904-0 5940-00-095-0667 cover terminal boar Avl RFQ
CFE310027 5935-01-207-6496 connector receptacl Avl RFQ
689.00014 5305-99-244-2387 screw externally re Avl RFQ
243651 5961-00-828-0719 transistor Avl RFQ
WBUN1282 5310-01-155-8464 washer Avl RFQ
9714-1005A 1560-01-600-0420 plate assembly rh Avl RFQ
9714-2000B 5999-01-590-0993 controller board pw Avl RFQ
WBNY1146-75INS 5940-01-005-9953 terminal board Avl RFQ
042440 5935-00-137-4668 cover electrical co Avl RFQ
TF188-1112 4730-01-061-2583 plug quick disconne Avl RFQ
TF190-1849 4730-01-248-1633 adapter straight tu Avl RFQ
WB-UN-1110-B-8 5940-00-221-5129 cover terminal boar Avl RFQ
TF190-1700 4730-01-216-2941 adapter straight pi Avl RFQ
1260-2F1-8C 5930-01-173-7159 switch toggle Avl RFQ
871100219 5340-01-623-4406 cover protective du Avl RFQ
RTC100032 5970-12-159-4276 insulation sleeving Avl RFQ
YSM150093 5930-01-387-1855 switch rotary Avl RFQ
WS3501-4136 5330-99-973-1057 retainer packing Avl RFQ
870200352 5340-01-623-4368 bracket mounting Avl RFQ
SX7EL13 6110-01-339-4723 contactor magnetic Avl RFQ
5165YMARK81 6220-00-333-4566 indicator Avl RFQ
TF188-1113 4730-00-725-7196 nipple tube Avl RFQ
871100118 5330-01-623-4361 packing preformed Avl RFQ
7631Y18 1680-00-467-6693 cup retaining Avl RFQ
1231Z6 1680-00-467-6683 diaphragm sealing Avl RFQ
WC150PB6 5930-00-971-2099 switch push Avl RFQ
MS3102R16S1S 5935-01-105-1187 connector receptacl Avl RFQ
1220Y211 5930-00-467-6717 cover terminal Avl RFQ
WBUN1146-5-3BL 5940-00-452-4142 terminal block sp Avl RFQ
6421-001-02 5999-01-079-3121 contact electrical Avl RFQ
6637 001 00 1680-01-177-9582 sensor digital spee Avl RFQ
800A1C1D4J3L2N1B 5930-01-108-9701 switch push Avl RFQ
870200373 5340-01-623-4374 bracket mounting Avl RFQ
800-10-A2C1J3L2N2(AR 6210-01-357-7453 light indicator Avl RFQ
6421-000-25 5315-01-078-6903 pin body Avl RFQ
6714.000.25 5315-99-820-6115 pin shoulder headle Avl RFQ
6400-000-17 3120-00-467-6706 bearing washer thru Avl RFQ
YTH10212E 5970-01-623-4357 insulation sleeving Avl RFQ
5162YMARK2 5930-00-467-6664 switch push Avl RFQ
5205 6130-99-783-5775 inverter power stat Avl RFQ
WS5006-4002 4730-01-216-2941 adapter straight pi Avl RFQ
041122 5935-01-175-1802 connector receptacl Avl RFQ
WBUN1280 5306-01-138-5133 bolt Avl RFQ
202933 5961-00-419-5373 semiconductor devic Avl RFQ
CEN312028 5935-01-171-8728 connector receptacl Avl RFQ
7631Y24 5365-00-467-6696 spacer special Avl RFQ
80010A1C1E2J3L2N1(R 5930-01-339-2769 switch push Avl RFQ
MSC 800-8-A1C2D4-J4- 5930-01-373-7729 switch push Avl RFQ
311001 7530-99-800-1522 tape paper computin Avl RFQ
TAA230081 5305-99-977-3832 screw machine Avl RFQ
YSP200518 5930-01-360-6668 switch toggle Avl RFQ
241041 5961-01-012-7154 transistor Avl RFQ
STD433-21 5340-99-738-9498 cap protective dust Avl RFQ
TF190-1078 4730-01-071-6519 elbow tube Avl RFQ
1220Y30 5930-00-467-6726 insert terminal Avl RFQ
6819.00014 5305-99-244-2387 screw externally re Avl RFQ
870900217 5310-01-623-4367 washer flat Avl RFQ
870200311 5340-01-623-4362 bracket mounting Avl RFQ
RTC100051 5970-12-158-4568 insulation sleeving Avl RFQ
STD433-11 5340-99-738-9495 cap protective dust Avl RFQ
207100 5961-00-433-6153 semiconductor devic Avl RFQ
233211 5962-01-219-8287 microcircuit linear Avl RFQ
1742MK403 1680-01-423-9805 pure air generator Avl RFQ
6421-001-34 5999-01-079-3125 contact electrical Avl RFQ
6421-000-29 5315-01-079-8658 pin special Avl RFQ
WS5006-4001 4730-01-332-9782 adapter straight pi Avl RFQ
800A2C1J3L2N1(W 6210-01-163-7807 light indicator Avl RFQ
1220Y123AB 5930-00-467-6739 contact subassy a Avl RFQ
239050 5962-01-008-0931 microcircuit linear Avl RFQ
6400-000-25 5315-00-467-6699 pin special Avl RFQ
8008A2C1J72(R)L2N2(R 6210-01-494-2897 light indicator Avl RFQ
41852-830-0 5940-00-215-6730 cover terminal boar Avl RFQ
800-8-A1C2D4-J4-L2N2 5930-01-373-7729 switch push Avl RFQ
800A1C1D2J3L2N1(W 5930-01-265-3969 switch push Avl RFQ
6713.00 302 5998-99-549-6691 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
WB1165BK 5340-00-175-6206 standoff threaded s Avl RFQ
STD433-25 5340-99-647-2654 cap plug protective du Avl RFQ
611900400 ISSUE2 5945-99-382-6064 solenoid electrical Avl RFQ
800-J72(R 5980-01-399-7689 light emitting diod Avl RFQ
667800201 ITEM 21 5930-01-022-2076 switch push Avl RFQ
1220Y118 5930-00-467-6731 arc tip contact Avl RFQ
1220Y125 5930-00-467-6723 adjuster contact Avl RFQ
870900124 5330-01-623-4412 packing preformed Avl RFQ
20710 5961-00-433-6153 semiconductor devic Avl RFQ
1220Y216 5930-00-467-6720 carrier contact Avl RFQ
8008A2C1J70 R)L2N1 R 6210-01-494-2898 light indicator Avl RFQ
6421-000-22 5342-01-078-6901 index plunger Avl RFQ
239120 5962-01-102-3083 microcircuit linear Avl RFQ
1220Y212 5330-00-467-6724 seal special Avl RFQ
6055.001.00 5945-01-174-6645 solenoid electrical Avl RFQ
042321 5935-01-297-0130 connector receptacl Avl RFQ
042607 5935-01-147-5898 socket plug in elec Avl RFQ
041102 5935-01-134-9091 connector receptacl Avl RFQ
1220Y116 5930-00-467-6737 contact ring suba Avl RFQ
5165YMARK 6220-00-311-4291 indicator Avl RFQ
671300025 5998-01-291-0643 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
6P55601YY16-16 5935-99-543-5543 connector receptacle e Avl RFQ
WBNYUN1110B4 1560-00-293-2448 cover terminal bloc Avl RFQ
HWB1114-22 5365-01-066-5122 spacer special Avl RFQ
800A1C1D2J3L2N2(WG 5930-01-265-3966 switch push Avl RFQ
WB1384 5340-00-410-4874 plug protective dus Avl RFQ
611900100 ISSUE 4 5945-99-739-7021 solenoid electrical Avl RFQ
WS2062-4004 5310-12-157-8157 washer flat Avl RFQ
800-8-A2C2-J72-L2N1( 6210-01-396-2761 light indicator Avl RFQ
800A2C2J4J3L2N2(RG 6210-01-364-0802 light indicator Avl RFQ
233255 5962-01-135-0602 microcircuit digita Avl RFQ
5377 6150-99-255-2168 cable assembly special Avl RFQ
640000016 3120-00-467-6698 bearing thrust Avl RFQ
628938 5915-01-040-6252 filter radio freque Avl RFQ
800A1C2E4J3L2N2 WW 5930-01-265-3968 switch push Avl RFQ
830 A2 C11 J3 L2 N12 5930-01-422-5324 switch push Avl RFQ
WBUN1153B24 5310-01-184-5872 washer lock Avl RFQ
61654A 5310-99-972-7654 nut plain hexagon Avl RFQ
501030 6130-99-783-5775 inverter power stat Avl RFQ
WBUN1394R 5920-01-140-7245 fuseholder block Avl RFQ
870200362 5340-01-623-4376 bracket mounting Avl RFQ
100102519 5905-99-798-6030 resistor variable n Avl RFQ
1231Z9TYPE3 5355-01-078-6730 knob Avl RFQ
1231Z8 5315-00-467-6685 pin special Avl RFQ
235611 5962-00-935-0162 microcircuit linear Avl RFQ
6421-000-16 5355-01-078-6729 knob Avl RFQ
WBUN1153B23 5306-00-180-5231 bolt special Avl RFQ
WBUN1170B2B 5940-01-055-9656 cover terminal boar Avl RFQ
6714.000.14 5330-99-864-6283 gasket Avl RFQ
TF168-2309 6130-01-234-6158 power supply Avl RFQ
800A2C1J3L2N1 R)13FL 6210-01-265-3975 light indicator Avl RFQ
WBUN1153B25 5310-00-111-1877 washer special Avl RFQ
1220Y214 5930-00-467-6718 cover front switc Avl RFQ
1054-74 5945-00-412-2902 solenoid electrical Avl RFQ
1239Z11 1680-00-467-6713 contact subassy Avl RFQ
6P54600-NN32+3K 5935-00-008-2863 socket special Avl RFQ
671300011 5950-01-290-6954 transformer power Avl RFQ
1245ZMARK2B 6210-00-467-6668 light indicator Avl RFQ
870900300 6150-01-623-4364 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
6421-002-07 5999-01-079-3130 contact electrical Avl RFQ
6P54600NN32AA 5935-00-453-2495 connector receptacl Avl RFQ
YSM150152 5930-01-388-2686 switch rotary Avl RFQ
L22428P11 2835-01-362-0408 signal conditioner Avl RFQ
6678 001 01-81 5307-01-086-6869 stud self locking Avl RFQ
800-8-A2C1-L2-M1-N1- 6210-01-284-8690 light indicator Avl RFQ
T.F.190-1081 4730-01-115-7366 nipple tube Avl RFQ
1220Y52 5315-00-467-6727 pin taper Avl RFQ
870200358 5340-01-623-4372 bracket mounting Avl RFQ
581-902 5330-01-397-2633 retainer packing Avl RFQ
8008A2C1J72(R)L2N1(R 6210-01-494-1735 light indicator Avl RFQ
800-10-A2C1-J3-L2-N1 6210-01-424-8945 light indicator Avl RFQ
TF.188-1073 5935-00-893-9235 connector receptacl Avl RFQ
1239Z5 1680-00-467-6678 actuator contact Avl RFQ
1245ZMK1 6210-00-467-6666 light indicator Avl RFQ
6421-002-35 5999-01-079-3127 contact electrical Avl RFQ
TF200-1342 6210-99-012-7421 lens light Avl RFQ
1730Z1B1A 5945-00-452-6782 solenoid electrical Avl RFQ
WS9037-4011 5340-99-738-9495 cap protective dust Avl RFQ
9714-3000A 5999-01-590-0998 indicator display a Avl RFQ
671300229 7690-99-215-2748 label Avl RFQ
5424 6150-99-255-2170 cable assembly special Avl RFQ
1231Z32 5365-00-467-6688 plug machine thread Avl RFQ
870100311 5970-01-623-4356 insulation sleeving Avl RFQ
671300202 2835-99-520-7353 conditioner assembl Avl RFQ
33216-103-0 5940-00-180-5221 terminal board Avl RFQ
851-33553-711 6250-01-480-2939 lampholder Avl RFQ
TF188-1110 4730-01-071-5484 cross tube Avl RFQ
581-34A2B3C1F9 5930-01-345-8227 switch push Avl RFQ
TF188-1116 4730-00-684-3792 tee pipe to tube Avl RFQ
STD645-1 6150-99-739-0936 lead electrical Avl RFQ
YTH20050E 5970-01-623-4384 insulation sleeving Avl RFQ
WB1487AB 5342-00-410-4828 barrier fuse pillar Avl RFQ
WS3114-4110 5331-99-150-9082 o ring Avl RFQ
YSG103632 5360-00-351-3977 spring helical comp Avl RFQ
870200384 4710-01-623-4379 tube metallic Avl RFQ
MSC 800 8 A2C2 J72 L 6210-01-396-2761 light indicator Avl RFQ
CFE100008 5935-01-196-1878 connector receptacl Avl RFQ
700002213 1SSUE1 5975-99-149-1689 boot dust and moisture Avl RFQ
1220Y14 5930-00-467-6721 insert body fixin Avl RFQ
TF200-1310 5935-00-814-4115 connector receptacl Avl RFQ
1220Y112 5930-00-467-6728 contact ring Avl RFQ
C5162YMK3 5930-01-077-9527 switch special Avl RFQ
1220Y121 5930-00-467-6738 contact subassy Avl RFQ
671400020 5935-01-291-0593 connector receptacl Avl RFQ
YSM150074 5930-01-384-4316 switch rotary Avl RFQ
7631Y33 5365-01-013-6616 spacer ring Avl RFQ
224256 5962-01-387-3444 microcircuit linear Avl RFQ
TWA111201 5307-01-086-6869 stud self locking Avl RFQ
870200246 5340-01-623-4349 bracket mounting Avl RFQ
YSP200405 5930-01-452-2991 switch push Avl RFQ
4666-184 5930-01-655-0956 guard switch Avl RFQ
1260-2N1-8C 5930-01-172-7321 switch rotary Avl RFQ
WS3105-4136 5331-99-143-3123 o ring Avl RFQ

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