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At NSN Parts Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we offer our clients a streamlined parts purchasing platform. We readily provide NSN parts manufacturer San Antonio Air Logistics Center parts such as X9168208-100, X9167516-2, X8323819-1, X7837067, X7347212 with NSN 4720014249105, 5930014663524, 5905011919523, 5220010733896, 5120010275536. With a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts with civil and defence applications within the aerospace industry. As a trusted FAA AC 0056B accredited company and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), our clients rely on us to provide high quality NSN parts to meet NSN requirements.

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
X9168208-100 4720-01-424-9105 hose assembly nonme Avl RFQ
X9167516-2 5930-01-466-3524 switch thermostatic Avl RFQ
X8323819-1 5905-01-191-9523 resistor assembly Avl RFQ
X7837067 5220-01-073-3896 gage comparator air Avl RFQ
X7347212 5120-01-027-5536 linkage test fixtur Avl RFQ
T1H46J19 4720-00-833-9414 hose assembly nonme Avl RFQ
PD2678-02 1680-01-258-1172 seat aircraft Avl RFQ
MS8000H450A 4720-01-490-2600 hose assembly nonme Avl RFQ
CID-2330-0112 SIZE 4 2330-01-245-9458 trailer tank Avl RFQ
9842406-15-8 5310-01-493-6077 nut plain blind riv Avl RFQ
979B052G01-CKL 6150-01-185-6360 cable assembly set Avl RFQ
9551317-10 1650-01-158-7154 boot aircraft compo Avl RFQ
9454109-43 6145-00-806-9144 wire electrical Avl RFQ
9454109-31 6145-01-493-5824 wire electrical Avl RFQ
9454109-17 6145-01-493-5803 wire electrical Avl RFQ
9454109-13 6145-01-493-5801 wire electrical Avl RFQ
9454109 6145-01-213-5502 wire electrical Avl RFQ
9454100 ITEM 140 5305-01-494-0984 screw cap hexagon h Avl RFQ
93135804-1 6150-01-454-4690 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
92103685-10 6150-01-387-5251 wiring harness bran Avl RFQ
92103661-10 5999-01-386-8083 harness electrical Avl RFQ
92103543-01 5340-01-352-0752 lever manual contro Avl RFQ
9167824-9 5325-01-424-6635 grommet nonmetallic Avl RFQ
9167790 4720-01-481-2201 hose assembly nonme Avl RFQ
90-84002-001 4730-01-333-3649 adapter straight hose Avl RFQ
8988254 5998-01-368-1468 circuit card assembly Avl RFQ
8956017-10 5996-01-381-8984 amplifier audio fre Avl RFQ
8949388-01 5999-01-428-2666 shielding gasket el Avl RFQ
8949345-10 5962-01-349-5561 microcircuit memory Avl RFQ
8949304-10 5307-01-373-0918 stud plain Avl RFQ
8949299-01 5999-01-349-6800 shielding gasket elect Avl RFQ
8949283-01 5985-01-342-8334 attenuator fixed Avl RFQ
8949140 5998-01-346-5863 backplane assembly Avl RFQ
8873195-001 5962-01-295-8577 microcircuit memory Avl RFQ
88101324-1 2540-01-344-8454 towbar motor vehicl Avl RFQ
88100609 5950-01-340-8675 reactor Avl RFQ
88100606 5950-01-340-9982 reactor Avl RFQ
88100527-001 6130-01-349-5336 power supply Avl RFQ
88100519-037 5935-01-344-2423 backshell electrica Avl RFQ
88100199 5999-01-347-4186 contact electrical Avl RFQ
88100141-10 6220-00-113-1837 housing assembly fo Avl RFQ
8773558-1 9905-01-395-0895 tag instruction Avl RFQ
8626424-001 5999-01-297-0848 heat sink electrical e Avl RFQ
8626388-001 5905-01-295-3301 resistor fixed film Avl RFQ
8626379-001 5961-01-226-2101 semiconductor devic Avl RFQ
8626341-016 5935-01-344-8284 connector plug elec Avl RFQ
8626301-1 5935-01-344-8951 connector plug elec Avl RFQ
8623654-01 5340-01-322-3576 bracket double angle Avl RFQ
8623641-10 5340-01-320-5955 cover access Avl RFQ
8623567-01 5365-01-322-5047 spacer ring Avl RFQ
8623455 1680-00-172-4301 cable assy winch Avl RFQ
8518526-20 1560-01-217-3555 parts kit skin Avl RFQ
8442964-30 6130-01-331-2493 inverter power stat Avl RFQ
841B690P9IR 2840-01-317-2762 disk and hub turbin Avl RFQ
8324102 5120-01-182-7377 driftpin Avl RFQ
8318851 3120-01-158-7179 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
83-84496 2530-01-389-0349 cable and conduit a Avl RFQ
8224832-03 5306-01-213-2809 bolt u Avl RFQ
8224804-02 5340-01-172-6241 connector rod end Avl RFQ
8224796-2 3040-01-216-6561 head linear actuating Avl RFQ
8223716-1 5360-01-198-9253 spring helical comp Avl RFQ
8223606-1 5310-00-877-5797 nut self locking he Avl RFQ
8222982 5220-01-167-8668 gage profile Avl RFQ
8222977 5220-01-167-5611 gage profile Avl RFQ
8222577 5310-01-160-3976 washer flat Avl RFQ
8141035-3 4720-01-396-9442 hose assembly nonme Avl RFQ
8141027-10 2990-01-173-7369 elbow exhaust Avl RFQ
8047156-10 4710-01-180-7572 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
8047086-20 1560-00-103-3305 baffle set fuel tan Avl RFQ
8046187-01 5365-01-172-0879 spacer plate Avl RFQ
8041710 5220-01-108-5552 gage disk master se Avl RFQ
8041657 5220-01-108-2721 gage profile Avl RFQ
8041655 5220-01-108-2723 gage disk master se Avl RFQ
8041654 5220-01-108-3308 gage profile Avl RFQ
8041650 5220-01-108-2725 gage profile Avl RFQ
7945081 5220-01-089-6197 gage profile Avl RFQ
7944974 5120-01-089-3879 puller mechanical Avl RFQ
7841711-1 4730-01-075-5464 bolt fluid passage Avl RFQ
7841674-2 4710-01-077-4124 tube extension Avl RFQ
7837196 5120-00-609-3166 puller mechanical Avl RFQ
7814067-01 5355-01-149-7768 knob Avl RFQ
7749087 4710-01-094-1093 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
7748998 4710-01-094-2465 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
7748946-1 4710-01-094-4148 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
7656830-10 5995-01-116-2173 cable assembly radio f Avl RFQ
7656829-90 6150-01-121-0000 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
7656580-570 5995-01-079-9698 cable set control u Avl RFQ
7656395-110 5995-01-080-3990 cable assembly Avl RFQ
7656385-01 5305-01-078-5056 screw machine Avl RFQ
7611785-70 5995-01-189-4261 cable assembly radi Avl RFQ
7611220-20 5998-01-085-5137 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
755449-1 4730-01-109-0175 elbow Avl RFQ
7545836 4820-01-018-2402 valve bleeder hydra Avl RFQ
7447274-03 5310-01-154-0716 washer flat Avl RFQ
7447274-01 5310-01-154-0715 washer flat Avl RFQ
7447233-01 5365-01-034-9946 spacer sleeve Avl RFQ
7446165-20 1560-01-085-5050 strut assembly bulk Avl RFQ
7446150-10 6150-01-097-7310 cable assembly special Avl RFQ
7446050-10 1680-01-053-6181 streamer assembly Avl RFQ
7445650-01 5340-01-052-5084 handle manual control Avl RFQ
7425180-20 1660-00-810-3225 mask oxygen Avl RFQ
7424192-10 5998-01-311-7504 extender card electron Avl RFQ
7423571-170 6150-01-227-7160 cable assembly special Avl RFQ
7352612-01 5342-01-110-5039 pad Avl RFQ
7352554-10 2530-01-010-3110 shaft steering Avl RFQ
7352538-01 5340-01-109-3406 strap Avl RFQ
72-2942 4720-01-013-9866 hose air duct Avl RFQ
7144819-01 4710-00-531-4124 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
7140188-10 5340-00-271-3227 bracket mounting Avl RFQ
69D51828-7 4720-01-003-6139 hose assembly nonme Avl RFQ
69D51756-1 6160-01-015-7748 tray battery Avl RFQ
69D34546-2 1560-00-435-9120 windshield panel ai Avl RFQ
69C52052-2 5930-00-008-8099 switch pressure Avl RFQ
69C5099-18 4710-00-492-4794 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
69C5099-13 4710-00-492-4808 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
69C34523-9 5315-01-062-3050 pin grooved headed Avl RFQ
69A35802RE16-55S 5935-00-229-7923 connector receptacl Avl RFQ
68D39164-7 5930-00-435-9494 switch rotary Avl RFQ
68C39150-1 5950-00-136-3367 coil radio frequency Avl RFQ
67J36652-1 1560-00-110-6203 panel pilot instrument Avl RFQ
67D34392-42 4710-00-068-8641 tube bent metallic Avl RFQ
67D34392-13 1660-00-068-8654 duct assembly air c Avl RFQ
67C35457 5365-00-103-6906 spacer sleeve Avl RFQ
67C34367-1 3120-00-477-6852 bearing sleeve Avl RFQ
66J40669-39 4710-00-757-9372 tubing nonmetallic Avl RFQ
66J40320-1 4710-00-081-6990 tube metallic Avl RFQ
66J38602 2910-00-346-7230 tank fuel engine Avl RFQ
66D40763-1 1560-00-899-3730 baffle assembly reflec Avl RFQ
66D40610-1 1560-00-860-3860 connector lower link s Avl RFQ
66D40255-2 1560-00-573-9161 support structural com Avl RFQ
66D39802-1 1560-00-575-8409 support slipway doo Avl RFQ
66D39741-1 1560-00-573-9181 support structural com Avl RFQ
66C64106 6150-00-964-2535 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
66C39803-1 1560-00-573-9171 support structural com Avl RFQ
66B38356-10 2840-00-828-5114 nozzle turbine aircraf Avl RFQ
65F35205-1 2530-00-925-5236 handle brake hand Avl RFQ
65E33322-2 1560-00-936-9843 support pylon fuel Avl RFQ
65E33174-1 4710-00-912-4072 tube assembly vent lin Avl RFQ
65D3731-15 1670-00-082-5314 side rail platform Avl RFQ
65D35938-1 4710-00-956-6233 tube assembly relief v Avl RFQ
65D35432 4730-01-077-4889 elbow tube to boss Avl RFQ
65D35402-1 3040-00-953-7964 cylinder assembly a Avl RFQ
65D35239-7 2530-00-943-8477 flange brake Avl RFQ
65D35234-7 3040-00-943-8476 shaft shouldered Avl RFQ
65C35877-1 4710-00-894-2992 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
65C35779-9 5365-01-076-3540 spacer ring Avl RFQ
65C35444-9 3120-00-542-1764 bearing sleeve Avl RFQ
65C35329-1 2530-00-943-8468 hub assembly wheel Avl RFQ
65C34263-2 2840-00-944-0067 chamber combustion Avl RFQ
65C33971-7 5330-00-486-7078 gasket Avl RFQ
64E34297-1 1560-00-867-0171 duct assembly air cond Avl RFQ
64E34092-1 1560-00-757-3618 duct assembly air cond Avl RFQ
64D34275-1 4730-00-916-6858 elbow air duct Avl RFQ
64C33327-7 5306-00-239-1038 bolt machine Avl RFQ
64B1665 5307-01-345-3832 stud plain Avl RFQ
63D52117-1 2530-00-439-9171 drag link steering Avl RFQ
63C52599-7 3040-00-670-6887 shaft shouldered Avl RFQ
63C52543-7 3040-00-671-9084 shaft shouldered Avl RFQ
63C52138-7 5360-00-795-3951 spring helical comp Avl RFQ
63C52102-17 3120-00-837-2746 bearing sleeve Avl RFQ
63B52577 4730-00-671-6430 elbow tube to boss Avl RFQ
62E35490-1 1560-00-110-6201 plate instrument mount Avl RFQ
62A34010-2 4710-00-812-8250 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
61J14568 5340-00-877-2559 bracket mounting Avl RFQ
61C14560 3040-00-877-2539 cam control Avl RFQ
61B25079 5365-00-992-7921 bushing aft wheel Avl RFQ
61B14616 5340-00-877-2533 pad cushioning Avl RFQ
60B90180-1 1670-00-793-0310 buffer strip Avl RFQ
60A95812 1660-00-440-2823 spacer mount valve Avl RFQ
56C23461-15 5307-00-538-8363 stud plain Avl RFQ
56C22963 2540-00-679-4849 pedal control Avl RFQ
56B23551-7 5342-00-670-9366 bracket lateral cyl Avl RFQ
55D21249 3040-00-605-8818 cylinder assembly a Avl RFQ
55C22209 5310-00-709-3770 nut safety hydaruli Avl RFQ
55C22208 5310-00-709-3769 nut safety hydrauli Avl RFQ
55C22148 5306-00-800-5789 rod threaded end Avl RFQ
53D6805 1670-00-218-1185 strap pilot chute Avl RFQ
53CI2069 And 5 5330-00-684-5613 packing preformed Avl RFQ
53C22037-3 5330-00-702-7516 packing preformed Avl RFQ
53C22035-6 5325-00-702-7514 ring retaining Avl RFQ
53C21489-101 4710-00-259-1674 tube assembly metal Avl RFQ
53B22159-2 4720-00-709-3778 hose assembly nonme Avl RFQ
52J6231 1670-00-368-4227 pack personnel para Avl RFQ
52284 6105-01-036-6388 motor direct curren Avl RFQ
51C6716 1670-00-251-1153 sling cargo aerial Avl RFQ
51A20926 5360-00-329-6987 spring helical compres Avl RFQ
50C7421-1 1670-00-360-0540 strap webbing Avl RFQ
50C7024-29 1670-01-037-8634 pack personnel para Avl RFQ
50B6219 1680-00-603-0883 mirror assembly rea Avl RFQ
50B25174-4 5331-00-567-8395 o ring Avl RFQ
50B25174-1 5331-00-090-0717 o ring Avl RFQ
48B7863-2 5330-00-514-4700 retainer packing Avl RFQ
45A28157 5325-00-480-0030 eyelet metallic Avl RFQ
41A9177 1680-00-485-2934 venturi relief Avl RFQ
4114159-10 1560-01-149-8757 support structural com Avl RFQ
30091-1C 3040-00-516-6596 bell crank Avl RFQ
3-11787-7 3120-01-450-4701 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
26249-6172REVC 2990-00-867-0277 shell muffler Avl RFQ
26249-6168 2990-00-868-6359 muffler first stage Avl RFQ
110-1405-16 5340-01-326-4095 leaf butt hinge Avl RFQ

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