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At NSN Parts Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we offer our clients a streamlined parts purchasing platform. We readily provide NSN parts manufacturer Royal Consumer Information Products parts such as LEXIKON 90C, ELECTROSUMMA 23, 9140P, TM-5-20, 12409-11 with NSN 7430010432284, 7420010500105, 7420010548894, 7430002673453, 1680011670584. With a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts with civil and defence applications within the aerospace industry. As a trusted FAA AC 0056B accredited company and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), our clients rely on us to provide high quality NSN parts to meet NSN requirements.

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
LEXIKON 90C 7430-01-043-2284 typewriter Avl RFQ
ELECTROSUMMA 23 7420-01-050-0105 adding machine Avl RFQ
9140P 7420-01-054-8894 adding machine Avl RFQ
TM-5-20 7430-00-267-3453 typewriter Avl RFQ
12409-11 1680-01-167-0584 plunger seat interf Avl RFQ
2D2510 7430-00-564-0802 paper table Avl RFQ
7217233 7510-01-153-0709 ribbon inking Avl RFQ
L0G0S240 7420-00-143-5860 calculator electron Avl RFQ
SG84-187-1 7430-00-778-9818 spring Avl RFQ
7242930 7510-01-163-3490 ribbon inking Avl RFQ
10120P5 7420-00-360-1777 adding and subtract Avl RFQ
SG37-3 7430-00-735-2073 nut Avl RFQ
LOGOS 40-A 7420-01-060-1716 calculator electron Avl RFQ
901231 7510-01-219-2311 ribbon inking Avl RFQ
E20410 7430-01-055-1060 typewriter Avl RFQ
LOGOS 245 7420-01-019-3361 calculator electron Avl RFQ
T0UCHMASTERFIVE 7430-00-634-5062 typewriter Avl RFQ
L40AP0 7420-01-060-2556 calculator electron Avl RFQ
PSP221 7510-01-045-9194 ribbon correction Avl RFQ
MC-20-E-10 7420-01-056-3453 adding machine Avl RFQ
7610402 7510-00-181-7179 ribbon inking Avl RFQ
ET121 7430-01-178-6184 typewriter Avl RFQ
10120HP5 7420-00-286-9056 adding and subtract Avl RFQ
47-11CORRECTABLEFILM 7510-01-045-9195 ribbon correctable fil Avl RFQ
SG59-31 7430-00-451-4530 key lever connectin Avl RFQ
9285017 7510-01-045-9195 ribbon correctable fil Avl RFQ
7842224 7510-01-168-0072 ribbon inking Avl RFQ
STUDI045 7430-00-148-9768 typewriter Avl RFQ
18913 7430-01-067-2596 typewriter Avl RFQ
LOGOS 59 7420-01-013-1816 calculator electronic Avl RFQ
LEXICON 90C 7430-01-052-4307 typewriter Avl RFQ
9P517 7430-00-997-1604 holder paper bail Avl RFQ
SCRIPT015116 7430-00-267-3456 typewriter Avl RFQ
MASTER TOUCH 5 11 7430-01-055-1044 typewriter Avl RFQ
EDITOR 2 7430-01-061-3254 typewriter Avl RFQ
A266911 7420-00-975-3974 adding and subtracting Avl RFQ
77140 7510-01-050-7962 element typing Avl RFQ
SG85-11 7430-00-650-6403 spring Avl RFQ
80603-0664422 7510-01-058-8033 ribbon inking Avl RFQ
MC24D10 7420-00-824-1961 calculator electron Avl RFQ
MC24TCR12 7420-00-042-0877 calculator electron Avl RFQ
13211420 6150-01-438-0448 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
73381-74-1-2 IN 7510-01-119-4823 ribbon inking Avl RFQ
77240 7510-01-050-7964 element typing Avl RFQ
L-93C 7430-01-067-2596 typewriter Avl RFQ
MC22M 7420-00-680-0651 adding and subtract Avl RFQ
MC-20-M 7420-00-149-2081 add multiplying mac Avl RFQ
6P800 7430-00-872-8976 chain bead ribbon f Avl RFQ
MC24D 7420-00-559-4663 calculator electron Avl RFQ
EDITOR 3-C 7430-01-056-7553 typewriter Avl RFQ
1P900EC 7430-01-013-1304 bar spacer Avl RFQ
EDITOR 3-3C 7430-01-056-7552 typewriter Avl RFQ
ET-351 7430-01-186-3820 typewriter Avl RFQ
10240P5 7420-00-298-4198 adding and subtract Avl RFQ
614J016 6240-00-269-0964 lamp incandescent Avl RFQ
77730 7510-01-204-9835 element typing Avl RFQ
10140PC5 7420-00-584-3402 calculator electron Avl RFQ
MULTISUMMA 20 7420-01-023-0711 calculator electron Avl RFQ
LEXICON 92C 7430-01-056-9980 typewriter Avl RFQ
10120P 7420-01-052-4371 adding machine Avl RFQ
LOGOS 270 7420-01-019-3359 calculator electron Avl RFQ
222707-033 6210-01-012-5650 lens light Avl RFQ
7614574 7510-00-400-4727 ribbon inking Avl RFQ
47-11LIFT-OFF TAPE 7510-01-045-9194 ribbon correction Avl RFQ
LS1SX 7110-00-335-3429 stand office machin Avl RFQ
MC24GT 7420-00-057-2415 calculator electron Avl RFQ
LETTERA22 7430-00-254-4319 typewriter Avl RFQ
77190 7510-01-050-7963 element typing Avl RFQ
77723 7510-01-207-4315 element typing Avl RFQ
MC-23-E 7420-01-024-5252 adding machine Avl RFQ
6162806-7 5305-01-306-9323 screw machine Avl RFQ
79510 7430-01-230-9538 tape cassette elect Avl RFQ
3E-20 7420-01-055-5485 adding machine Avl RFQ
77130 7510-01-124-3185 element typing Avl RFQ
77120 7510-01-083-3355 element typing Avl RFQ
4220 7420-01-052-4370 adding machine Avl RFQ
10-189 7510-01-185-5610 element typing Avl RFQ
7891563 7510-01-334-1492 ribbon inking Avl RFQ
EDITOR 4-C 7430-01-056-7554 typewriter Avl RFQ
77110 7510-01-124-3186 element typing Avl RFQ
SCRIPTOR 16 7430-01-055-5433 typewriter Avl RFQ
1P223 7430-01-009-7748 sheet lock Avl RFQ
311592K 3020-01-200-8902 gear drive motion Avl RFQ
4P2040 7430-01-009-7745 dog rigid Avl RFQ
5J511-1 7430-01-009-7746 lever tab Avl RFQ
LINEA 98 7430-01-054-4132 typewriter Avl RFQ
7611116 7510-00-412-1725 ribbon inking Avl RFQ
EDITOR 3 7430-01-055-1062 typewriter Avl RFQ
MC24 7420-00-564-5113 calculator electron Avl RFQ
6J248 7430-00-872-8976 chain bead ribbon f Avl RFQ
7289515 7510-00-991-1816 paper type correcti Avl RFQ
191-1111 7530-00-479-2705 card program Avl RFQ
DIVISUMMA 26 7420-01-011-3829 calculator electron Avl RFQ
6J2350 7430-00-874-8964 arm assembled Avl RFQ
MC24T 7420-00-042-0881 calculator electron Avl RFQ
15P900 7430-00-907-0891 sprocket shaft Avl RFQ
582PD 7420-01-021-5192 calculator electron Avl RFQ
55743 7430-01-051-5966 typewriter Avl RFQ
LOGOS 58 7420-01-065-3661 calculator electron Avl RFQ
13140P7 7420-00-360-1789 adding and subtract Avl RFQ
DIVISUMMA 24 7420-01-050-5364 adding machine Avl RFQ
7611004 7510-00-935-4107 ribbon inking Avl RFQ
7285017 7510-01-051-4141 ribbon inking Avl RFQ
PR0GRAMMA101 7420-00-800-0764 calculator electron Avl RFQ
EDITOR 3-3C OR 3C 7430-01-056-7552 typewriter Avl RFQ
MC24D12 7420-00-824-1959 calculator electron Avl RFQ
2A183 7430-00-735-2034 core Avl RFQ
LOGOS42 7420-01-056-9344 calculator electron Avl RFQ
ELECTRASUMMA23 7420-00-781-8346 adding and subtract Avl RFQ
LEXIKON 90 7430-01-043-2285 typewriter Avl RFQ
ELECTROSUMMA 20 7420-01-049-9739 adding machine Avl RFQ
7289816 7510-01-045-9194 ribbon correction Avl RFQ
LEXICON 92 7430-01-061-3255 typewriter Avl RFQ
ELECTROSUMMA 22 7420-01-049-9746 adding machine Avl RFQ
18310-1 7420-00-671-5800 blade Avl RFQ
77220 7510-01-084-0121 element typing Avl RFQ
323065Z 7430-01-066-8384 ribbon holder typew Avl RFQ
7338174 7510-01-119-4823 ribbon inking Avl RFQ
P-652 7420-01-021-5169 calculator electron Avl RFQ
SG3-7 7430-00-778-9832 screw Avl RFQ
77230 7510-01-083-3353 element typing Avl RFQ
L0G0S250 7420-00-279-2221 calculator electron Avl RFQ
10140P 7420-01-055-5486 adding machine Avl RFQ
SCRIPTOR 21 7430-01-055-5432 typewriter Avl RFQ
9P2291 7430-00-074-1071 arm assembly platen Avl RFQ
1N414 5330-00-564-2221 packing preformed Avl RFQ
7255011 7510-01-050-3703 ribbon inking Avl RFQ
29172A 7490-01-633-0974 shredding machine p Avl RFQ
SG58-42-1 7430-00-073-9712 stud shift toggle Avl RFQ
QUANTASUMMA 20-1Q 7420-01-049-9740 adding machine Avl RFQ
6P2450AK 7430-01-009-7747 lever typewriter Avl RFQ
59-50-284 7420-01-056-9992 calculator electron Avl RFQ
EDITOR4 7430-01-015-2088 typewriter Avl RFQ
318529A 7430-01-199-9270 typewriter card hol Avl RFQ
TOUCH MASTER 5 7430-01-056-7547 typewriter Avl RFQ
LOGOS 40 7420-01-056-9995 calculator electron Avl RFQ
EDITOR 4-4C 7430-01-056-7551 typewriter Avl RFQ
01087-10 6240-00-383-7668 lamp incandescent Avl RFQ
77150 7510-01-086-9681 element typing Avl RFQ
945018S 7430-01-199-9219 typewriter keeper Avl RFQ
9P287 7430-00-907-0886 retainer screw Avl RFQ
SUMMA QUANTA 20 7420-01-049-6535 calculator electron Avl RFQ
MC22E11 7420-00-781-8347 adding and subtract Avl RFQ
77713 7510-01-216-3922 element typing Avl RFQ
7331556 7510-01-066-7506 ribbon inking Avl RFQ
07014B 7430-01-312-3570 spelling verificati Avl RFQ
2400 7420-01-055-2816 calculator electron Avl RFQ
MC15 7420-00-664-0804 adding and subtract Avl RFQ
77172 7510-01-051-0890 element typing Avl RFQ
MC22M12 7420-00-781-8343 adding and subtract Avl RFQ
MC22E12 7420-00-781-8346 adding and subtract Avl RFQ
733-0952 7510-00-148-9771 ribbon inking Avl RFQ
MC22E 7420-00-584-2967 adding and subtract Avl RFQ
9P913EC 7430-00-907-0887 button margin stop Avl RFQ
TM-5-15 7430-00-634-5062 typewriter Avl RFQ
72900 7510-00-275-8558 ribbon correction Avl RFQ
MC14D 7420-00-531-7474 calculator electron Avl RFQ
MC20E 7420-00-042-0889 adding and subtract Avl RFQ
SCRIPTOR 15 7430-01-055-5434 typewriter Avl RFQ

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