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At NSN Parts Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we offer our clients a streamlined parts purchasing platform. We readily provide NSN parts manufacturer Miller Stuart Inc - (CAGE Code 52977), parts such as 160D712554-4, 160D180362-3, 160D611502-7, 160D612612-12, 160D724315-11 with NSN 1560010118821, 1680010142340, 1560011244881, 1560016757965, 3020010148790. With a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts with civil and defence applications within the aerospace industry. As a trusted FAA AC 0056B accredited company and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), our clients rely on us to provide high quality NSN parts to meet NSN requirements.

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CAGE Code: 52977

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
160D712554-4 1560-01-011-8821 support structural com Avl RFQ
160D180362-3 1680-01-014-2340 panel information Avl RFQ
160D611502-7 1560-01-124-4881 skin aircraft Avl RFQ
160D612612-12 1560-01-675-7965 fittingstructural comp Avl RFQ
160D724315-11 3020-01-014-8790 gear spur Avl RFQ
160D222114-1 1560-01-110-0197 crank assembly Avl RFQ
160D622120-6 1680-01-493-9662 cable crank assembl Avl RFQ
160D136040-11 1560-01-034-3809 crank subassembly Avl RFQ
160D612606-15 1560-01-194-2400 support structural com Avl RFQ
160D414022-27 1560-01-004-4602 retainer duct seal Avl RFQ
160D965050-1 1560-01-042-9207 link assembly aft a Avl RFQ
160D612613-5 1560-01-278-8863 support structural com Avl RFQ
160D145264-1 5945-01-195-5546 relay assembly Avl RFQ
160D622260-1 1560-01-013-1655 crank assembly aile Avl RFQ
160D725142-1 1560-01-082-9789 arm brake position Avl RFQ
160D136056-3 1560-01-004-1572 hook assembly uploc Avl RFQ
162D891204 2001 5340-01-662-0638 bracket mounting Avl RFQ
160D323110-1 1560-01-012-8477 crank assembly yaw Avl RFQ
160D514402-29 1560-01-391-2602 fitting structural Avl RFQ
160D622220-19 3120-01-004-2291 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
160D945068-103 5995-01-083-9955 cable assembly radi Avl RFQ
160D724311-3 1680-01-550-0957 torque tube assembl Avl RFQ
160D611624-49 1560-01-675-7951 liner Avl RFQ
160D611624-52 1560-01-676-3408 stiffeneraircraft Avl RFQ
160D612602-33 1560-01-173-6091 former aircraft Avl RFQ
162J611624-2014 1560-01-622-4672 aircraft structural co Avl RFQ
160D122010-3 3040-01-232-5260 bell crank Avl RFQ
160D136024-11 1560-01-028-3871 crank assembly Avl RFQ
160D523120-1 1680-01-015-0848 bell crank Avl RFQ
160D180521-1 1680-01-039-9931 relay box power ac Avl RFQ
160D939014-5 1560-01-124-4778 spool door Avl RFQ
160D313010-37 5340-01-091-2319 hinge strap Avl RFQ
160D611559-1 1560-01-069-0068 fitting structural Avl RFQ
160D637172-1 1560-01-020-4842 bracket hinge landi Avl RFQ
160D213014-R241 1560-01-103-5919 skin aircraft Avl RFQ
160D955420-15 1560-01-021-7935 cover assembly engi Avl RFQ
160D622215-3 1680-01-054-4825 lever assembly roll Avl RFQ
160D611611-23 1560-01-516-4452 fitting structural Avl RFQ
160D180210-13 5925-01-555-0702 circuit breaker box Avl RFQ
160D181241-3 1560-01-100-3116 shield assembly Avl RFQ
160D145222-5 5950-01-537-4338 transformer assembl Avl RFQ
N104799 6110-01-483-5102 panel power bus cir Avl RFQ
160D521113-4 1680-01-025-5340 bell crank Avl RFQ
160D612609-16 1560-01-516-0986 fitting structural Avl RFQ
160D11624-53 1560-01-676-3400 stiffeneraircraft Avl RFQ
160J117011-13 1560-01-136-5120 panel structural ai Avl RFQ
160D960343-1 1560-01-040-1940 guard assembly Avl RFQ
160D960122-11 5340-01-011-5815 turnbuckle body Avl RFQ
FE7590-51 6150-01-156-6163 cable assembly powe Avl RFQ
160D712515-6 1560-01-224-5711 support structural com Avl RFQ
160D181165-5 5930-01-454-0373 switch assembly Avl RFQ
160D211001-28 1560-01-062-1121 fence assembly Avl RFQ
160D441003-1 2925-01-053-5697 harness assy w4003 Avl RFQ
160D960128-3 1560-01-046-8607 support assembly Avl RFQ
160D725155-1 5310-01-011-9614 washer recessed Avl RFQ
160D611624-58 1560-01-676-3973 ribflapwing landing Avl RFQ
160D891510-9 1560-01-134-4554 fairing aircraft Avl RFQ
160D612623-26 1560-01-611-0974 aircraft structural co Avl RFQ
160D121260-1 1680-01-171-2072 crank assembly pitc Avl RFQ
160D637013-5 5365-01-014-2466 shim Avl RFQ
160D612602-30 1560-01-021-5463 fitting structural Avl RFQ
162D610103-1005 1560-01-135-5227 fairing aircraft Avl RFQ
160D180190-3 1680-01-014-2336 panel display Avl RFQ
160D321030-3 1680-01-494-0291 bell crank Avl RFQ
160D120310-7 1680-01-010-2818 bell crank Avl RFQ
160D123148-11 1630-01-494-2456 arm brake Avl RFQ
160D123206-7 1560-01-189-6093 link assembly Avl RFQ
160D611625-17 1560-01-621-8144 fitting structural Avl RFQ
160D612608-17 1560-01-193-8094 support structural com Avl RFQ
12382104 5930-01-396-9716 switch assembly Avl RFQ
160D612606-16 1560-01-516-2912 support structural com Avl RFQ
160D891204-12 5340-01-033-2934 bracket mounting Avl RFQ
162D622225-1001 1680-01-624-0882 bell crank Avl RFQ
160D136151-31 1560-01-376-1579 stiffener aircraft Avl RFQ
160D123100-21 1680-01-494-0204 bell crank Avl RFQ
160D145121-13 6110-01-243-8480 distribution box Avl RFQ
160D945068-65 5995-01-027-5998 cable assembly radi Avl RFQ
160D117210-15 1560-01-059-6477 link assembly canop Avl RFQ
160D611624-45 1560-01-012-5769 liner flap track Avl RFQ
160D945068-33 5995-01-039-9636 cable assembly radi Avl RFQ
160D211001-27 1560-01-070-9313 fence assembly Avl RFQ
160D117228-13 3120-01-004-2380 roller linear rotar Avl RFQ
160D945068-85 5995-01-083-9957 cable assembly radi Avl RFQ
160D180318-1 1560-01-004-0487 cover assembly fuel Avl RFQ
160D611235-1 1560-01-318-4743 cover access aircra Avl RFQ
160D297859-11 5315-01-224-9307 pin straight thread Avl RFQ
162J612602-2003 1560-01-623-5581 fitting structural Avl RFQ
160D180435-5 6110-01-043-6218 panel power distrib Avl RFQ
160D120114-1 1560-01-021-5471 fitting assembly co Avl RFQ
160D939014-1 1560-01-124-4780 spool door Avl RFQ
160D611608-16 1560-01-067-7626 fitting structural Avl RFQ
160D611606-15 1560-01-064-7977 fitting wing splice Avl RFQ
160D891404-3 5342-01-031-5740 bracket pylon Avl RFQ
160D612602-34 1560-01-012-0885 bracket structural Avl RFQ
160D612607-16 1560-01-516-2561 support structural com Avl RFQ
160D123145-3 1680-01-012-7144 bell crank Avl RFQ
160D841209-1 6150-01-088-3657 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
160D945068-95 5995-01-083-9961 cable assembly radi Avl RFQ
160D622120-5 1680-01-493-9657 cable crank assembl Avl RFQ
160D121250-1 1680-01-004-1591 bell crank Avl RFQ
160D193152-7 1560-01-105-7388 port exhaust assemb Avl RFQ
160D611624-47 1560-01-677-4215 supportstructural comp Avl RFQ
160D611607-16 1560-01-077-8107 fitting wing splice Avl RFQ
160D513402-27 1560-01-015-7291 support structural com Avl RFQ
160D521104-1 1560-01-029-7305 arm assembly actuat Avl RFQ
160D612602-32 1560-01-026-5307 fitting structural Avl RFQ
160D120119-11 5365-01-028-4877 spacer Avl RFQ
160D611607-15 1560-01-077-8106 fitting wing splice Avl RFQ
160D117242-13 1560-01-330-7782 fitting structural Avl RFQ
160D123235-1 1560-01-068-6479 crank assembly Avl RFQ
160D712514-6 1560-01-542-4306 fitting structural Avl RFQ
160D611624-46 1560-01-012-5772 liner flap track Avl RFQ
160D321010-2 1680-01-013-8800 bell crank Avl RFQ
162D622120-1001 1680-01-493-9657 cable crank assembl Avl RFQ
160D122220-2 1560-01-015-0812 arm assembly idler Avl RFQ
160D123056-1 1680-01-094-2344 torque shaft Avl RFQ
160D612602-12 1560-01-012-5776 fitting structural Avl RFQ
160D180420-1 6110-01-019-6149 panel assembly ladd Avl RFQ
160D180802-17 1560-01-072-3568 panel aircraft Avl RFQ
160D123130-1 1680-00-591-7339 pedal assembly brak Avl RFQ
160D711272-22 1560-01-203-4603 skin aircraft Avl RFQ
160D637060-1 3120-01-004-2383 roller linear rotar Avl RFQ
160D611624-50 1560-01-675-7955 lineflap track Avl RFQ
160D645725-3 1680-01-032-5877 box assembly fuel s Avl RFQ
162J611624-2012 1560-01-622-4552 aircraft structural co Avl RFQ
160D725151-13 5306-01-230-0825 bolt internal wrenc Avl RFQ
160D724311-4 1680-01-542-2730 torque tube assembl Avl RFQ
160D611609-16 1560-01-068-8095 fitting wing splice Avl RFQ
160D523110-1 1560-01-004-4610 crank assembly cabl Avl RFQ
160D122140-1 1560-01-436-4898 roll control link a Avl RFQ
160D950238-11 1560-01-040-1949 fitting support Avl RFQ
160D624524-11 3020-01-014-8789 gear rack Avl RFQ
160D3130101-37 5340-01-091-2319 hinge strap Avl RFQ
160D180802-49 1560-01-069-4252 cover assembly Avl RFQ
160D611625-18 1560-01-621-8151 fitting structural Avl RFQ
160D521128-3 1560-01-029-7314 coupling assembly e Avl RFQ
160D945068-25 5995-01-027-6002 cable assembly radio f Avl RFQ
162D612612-2001 1560-01-623-6306 aircraft structural co Avl RFQ
160D136125-1 3120-01-004-2382 roller linear rotar Avl RFQ
160D521110-21 1560-01-136-0501 shaft assembly Avl RFQ
160D141108-1 5995-01-157-1586 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
160D81165-5 5930-01-454-0373 switch assembly Avl RFQ
160D627116-1 1680-01-012-0880 lever remote contro Avl RFQ
160D725151-11 5305-01-016-2924 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
160D713503-13 1560-01-083-3556 block rear inboard Avl RFQ
160D414053-11 5340-01-004-1551 cover access Avl RFQ
160D631018-27 1560-01-051-6438 control speed brake Avl RFQ
160D611235-1 5340-01-318-4743 cover access Avl RFQ
160D713503-11 1560-01-083-3555 block forward inboa Avl RFQ
160D145251-3 1560-01-085-7589 retainer assembly c Avl RFQ
160D622310-1 1680-01-026-4917 bell crank Avl RFQ
160D117219-11 1560-01-140-8454 support structural com Avl RFQ
160D612608-18 1560-01-523-2423 support structural com Avl RFQ
160D123130-2 1680-00-595-6889 pedal assembly brak Avl RFQ
160D145265-15 6110-01-125-1660 distribution box Avl RFQ
160D611624-60 1560-01-675-7975 liner Avl RFQ
160D955340-19 5340-01-506-0083 bracket mounting Avl RFQ
160D145315-3 1680-01-097-0174 relay box nav mode Avl RFQ
160D145065-11 1560-01-248-0925 support structural com Avl RFQ
160D180210-11 5925-01-415-0261 circuit breaker box Avl RFQ
160D945068-39 5995-01-027-6003 cable assembly radio f Avl RFQ
160D136177-3 1560-01-092-8307 striker door assemb Avl RFQ
160D945068-91 5995-01-083-9960 cable assembly radio f Avl RFQ
160D712415-21 1560-01-120-7902 rib airfoil Avl RFQ
160D611561-1 1560-01-677-2718 supportstructural comp Avl RFQ
160D945068-99 5995-01-083-9962 cable assembly radio f Avl RFQ
160D611624-63 1560-01-675-8062 linerflap track Avl RFQ
160D945068-89 5995-01-083-9959 cable assembly radi Avl RFQ
160D637171-2 1560-01-012-8656 door aircraft Avl RFQ
160D611626-11 1560-01-622-7207 fitting structural Avl RFQ
160D612623-25 1560-01-611-0973 aircraft structural co Avl RFQ
162J611624-2009 1560-01-624-1076 aircraft structural co Avl RFQ
160D521126-13 5365-01-386-8177 bushing tapered Avl RFQ
160D841203-9 6150-01-254-3201 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
160D521117-17 1560-01-021-0393 bell crank Avl RFQ
160D950341-5 4720-01-574-8810 hose assembly nonme Avl RFQ
160D120310-5 1680-01-010-2818 bell crank Avl RFQ
160D611611-33 1560-01-565-4708 fitting structural Avl RFQ
160D331000-19 1560-01-057-7758 scupper assembly Avl RFQ
160D22215-4 1560-01-054-4826 lever assembly Avl RFQ
160D321010-2 1560-01-013-8800 bell crank Avl RFQ
160D521111-5 1560-01-114-6690 crank assembly inpu Avl RFQ
160D725151-15 5306-01-014-5943 bolt shear Avl RFQ
160D521111-6 1560-01-114-6691 crank assembly inpu Avl RFQ
160D725150-1 1680-01-015-7316 bell crank Avl RFQ
160D960100-3 1560-01-004-0502 link assembly engin Avl RFQ
160D945068-97 5995-01-087-2516 cable assembly radi Avl RFQ
160D612607-15 1560-01-516-2568 support structural com Avl RFQ
160D722110-1 1680-01-010-2820 bell crank Avl RFQ
160D136056-1 1560-01-004-1572 hook assembly uploc Avl RFQ
160D637171-1 1560-01-021-8124 door aircraft Avl RFQ
160D611628-15 1560-01-194-2407 former aircraft Avl RFQ
160D611624-48 1560-01-012-5774 liner flap track Avl RFQ
160D521115-11 1680-01-496-0569 cam trim and feel d Avl RFQ
160D611609-15 1560-01-068-8094 fitting Avl RFQ
160D611635-12Z 1560-01-188-7119 support structural com Avl RFQ
160D513402-7 1560-01-004-4736 support structural com Avl RFQ
160D180103-2 1560-01-003-3729 support structural com Avl RFQ
160D222120-3 1560-01-494-0957 linkage assy Avl RFQ
160D612515-91 1560-01-221-8308 fairing installatio Avl RFQ

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