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At NSN Parts Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we offer our clients a streamlined parts purchasing platform. We readily provide NSN parts manufacturer J W Manufacturing Inc - (CAGE Code 23899), parts such as LD111-0044-2309, LD111-0020-0302, LD111-0044-2411, LD111-0021-0718, 1-110-262-01 with NSN 5305011905778, 5306012692599, 5305011708489, 5306012597743, 5306010814451. With a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts with civil and defence applications within the aerospace industry. As a trusted FAA AC 0056B accredited company and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), our clients rely on us to provide high quality NSN parts to meet NSN requirements.

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CAGE Code: 23899

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
LD111-0044-2309 5305-01-190-5778 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
LD111-0020-0302 5306-01-269-2599 bolt shear Avl RFQ
LD111-0044-2411 5305-01-170-8489 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
LD111-0021-0718 5306-01-259-7743 bolt shear Avl RFQ
1-110-262-01 5306-01-081-4451 bolt machine Avl RFQ
J643P10A 5306-00-523-2860 bolt machine Avl RFQ
953505-158 5305-00-924-1720 screw cap socket he Avl RFQ
9688M01P01 5306-00-111-4165 bolt shoulder Avl RFQ
LD111-0044-2516 5305-01-234-2564 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
LD111-0045-2314 5305-01-660-8427 screw close tolerance Avl RFQ
LD111-0044-2412 5305-01-215-5793 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
J643P06A 5306-01-005-6711 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0027-0309 5306-01-660-7614 bolt close tolerance Avl RFQ
LD111-0022-0419 5306-01-645-7522 bolt shear Avl RFQ
LD111-0026-0409 5306-01-173-3568 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
LD111-0022-0415 5306-01-659-4410 bolt shear Avl RFQ
LD111-0044-0716 5305-01-264-1476 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
J644P10D 5306-01-006-9449 bolt machine Avl RFQ
J643P09D 5306-01-072-5749 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0026-4836 5306-01-527-0093 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
J644P13B 5306-00-526-3994 bolt machine Avl RFQ
ST2018-016 5306-01-339-0650 bolt machine Avl RFQ
J306P10A 5306-00-171-4323 bolt machine Avl RFQ
L5871217-007 5306-01-176-1994 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
J643P04B 5306-01-004-6882 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0024-0613 5306-01-645-7652 bolt shear Avl RFQ
LD111-0020-0323 5306-01-658-9624 bolt shear Avl RFQ
J334P08B 5306-01-181-9713 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0020-0515 5306-01-659-0161 bolt shear Avl RFQ
LD111-0020-0408 5306-01-183-6980 bolt shear Avl RFQ
LD111-0026-0929 5306-01-260-8935 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
6846196-16 5306-00-058-6463 bolt externally rel Avl RFQ
LD111-0021-0612 5306-01-198-3424 bolt shear Avl RFQ
LE112-0023-04-46 5305-01-378-8791 screw machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0020-0306 5306-01-181-2488 bolt shear Avl RFQ
J642P03B 5305-01-010-2305 screw machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0046-2418 5305-01-452-2163 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
LD111-0024-0307 5306-01-683-7018 boltshear Avl RFQ
J645P10A 5306-01-005-6104 bolt machine Avl RFQ
9651M85P03 5306-00-111-1159 bolt machine Avl RFQ
J643P07B 5305-01-012-9401 screw cap socket he Avl RFQ
LD111-0021-0413 5306-01-173-1068 bolt shear Avl RFQ
J814P022A 5306-01-215-3995 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
J644P09D 5306-00-528-6639 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0044-2419 5305-01-192-9301 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
5004M76P1 5306-00-969-4803 bolt machine Avl RFQ
J643P02B 5306-01-162-0012 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0020-0527 5306-01-195-5022 bolt shear Avl RFQ
J643P04A 5306-00-523-2859 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0020-0714 5306-01-658-8370 bolt shear Avl RFQ
2-141-126-01 5306-00-143-1376 bolt machine Avl RFQ
390195 5306-00-843-4888 bolt shoulder Avl RFQ
J644P15B 5306-01-087-7384 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0044-2406 5305-01-177-5896 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
J815P062A 5306-00-515-0606 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
J643P03A 5306-01-206-7169 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0044-2416 5305-01-234-2565 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
J643P20A 5306-01-092-2096 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0024-0612 5306-01-660-6011 bolt shear Avl RFQ
2307595-16 5306-01-323-1133 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0045-2406 5305-01-452-3361 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
J334P12A 5306-01-173-9537 bolt machine Avl RFQ
336C544P2 5306-00-950-3308 bolt shoulder Avl RFQ
LD111-0021-0631 5306-01-187-7605 bolt shear Avl RFQ
LD111-0024-0413 5306-01-648-2369 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0021-0720 5306-01-204-4196 bolt shear Avl RFQ
J644P11B 5306-01-036-8718 bolt machine Avl RFQ
R107P7N 5306-00-637-8057 bolt machine Avl RFQ
J646P26A 5306-00-505-9828 bolt machine Avl RFQ
STD3060-01 5306-00-013-7761 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0046-2406 5305-01-452-3820 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
LD111-0021-0706 5306-01-202-8972 bolt shear Avl RFQ
J643P17B 5306-01-469-3051 bolt machine Avl RFQ
2-141-483-01 5306-01-301-8838 bolt machine Avl RFQ
J644P06D 5306-01-008-8246 bolt machine Avl RFQ
J643P15E 5306-01-130-6551 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0044-0410 5305-01-214-5064 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
336C543P5 5306-00-950-3307 bolt shoulder Avl RFQ
LD111-0044-2310 5305-01-234-2563 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
J815P034A 5306-00-526-3922 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
LD111-0020-0409 5306-01-182-3223 bolt shear Avl RFQ
29-2408-513 5315-00-670-1256 pin shear outboard Avl RFQ
STD3061-09 5306-00-192-0544 bolt machine Avl RFQ
J645P19A 5306-01-094-0322 bolt machine Avl RFQ
STBS12EX4H12 5305-01-026-4374 screw cap socket head Avl RFQ
5012M45P1 5306-00-914-2877 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0024-0516 5305-01-661-4910 screw machine Avl RFQ
LD181-0003-0002 5325-01-231-0375 fastener Avl RFQ
J644P16A 5306-01-005-6105 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0021-0819 5306-01-174-4541 bolt shear Avl RFQ
LD111-0047-0508 5305-01-356-2535 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
J643P05A 5306-00-523-2857 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0020-0307 5306-01-203-0900 bolt shear Avl RFQ
L3003946-003 5306-01-519-6821 bolt shoulder Avl RFQ
9646M96P12 5306-01-345-3736 bolt machine Avl RFQ
J643P23A 5306-00-528-6636 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0026-4838 5306-01-527-0096 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
J643P14A 5306-01-092-2094 bolt machine Avl RFQ
STD3061-14 5306-00-020-0376 bolt machine Avl RFQ
3020T31P01 5306-00-163-9397 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
R112P2SL 5306-00-619-1262 bolt machine Avl RFQ
ST2053-022 5306-00-382-7661 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0026-0619 5306-01-188-9633 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
LD111-0020-0308 5306-01-166-2609 bolt shear Avl RFQ
LD111-0044-0717 5305-01-264-1477 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
LD111-0021-0307 5306-01-194-0606 bolt shear Avl RFQ
LD111-0045-2313 5305-01-661-1753 screw close tolerance Avl RFQ
L3003946-005 5306-01-518-6505 bolt shoulder Avl RFQ
LD111-0026-0517 5306-01-165-2455 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
J644P34A 5306-01-235-2001 bolt machine Avl RFQ
R1393P005 5306-00-143-3437 bolt machine Avl RFQ
9147M29P01 5306-01-156-4390 bolt shoulder Avl RFQ
LD111-0044-0710 5305-01-423-4557 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
J644P07D 5306-01-180-7072 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0044-2305 5305-01-173-3597 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
LD111-044-2405 5305-01-169-0016 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
LD111-0022-0511 5306-01-661-1768 bolt shear Avl RFQ
LD111-0026-4840 5306-01-168-1750 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
LD111-0024-0514 5306-01-662-1311 bolt shear Avl RFQ
J645P13A 5306-00-512-7603 bolt machine Avl RFQ
J815P044A 5306-01-026-7222 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
LD111-0021-0426 5306-01-170-8476 bolt shear Avl RFQ
S8820-22 5306-00-058-6465 bolt externally rel Avl RFQ
J644P12B 5306-01-262-5410 bolt externally rel Avl RFQ
LD111-0026-0413 5306-01-164-8520 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
LD111-0044-2517 5305-01-423-4575 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
36-3120-1 3120-00-585-5377 bearing sleeve Avl RFQ
3-110-152-01 5306-01-073-7866 bolt externally rel Avl RFQ
2178426 5306-01-276-0837 bolt shoulder Avl RFQ
LD111-0020-0314 5306-01-183-6977 bolt shear Avl RFQ
R514P05SL 5306-00-913-3480 bolt machine Avl RFQ
MS9033-07 5306-00-515-8061 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0026-0408 5306-01-173-1083 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
LD111-0026-4050 5306-01-527-0122 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
LE111-0034-2315 5305-01-286-9177 screw machine Avl RFQ
J645P09A 5306-01-005-5741 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0044-0512 5305-01-170-8493 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
241919 5306-00-208-7353 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0021-0406 5306-01-162-3818 bolt shear Avl RFQ
LD111-0021-0425 5306-01-185-0448 bolt shear Avl RFQ
J644P11D 5306-00-526-4008 bolt machine Avl RFQ
J646P20A 5306-00-505-9803 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0047-0612 5305-01-593-9732 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
J646P23A 5306-01-318-4687 bolt machine Avl RFQ
J643P17A 5306-01-443-5937 bolt machine Avl RFQ
J815P042A 5306-00-515-0575 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
J646 27A 5306-00-505-9833 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0047-2306 5305-01-169-0014 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
9651M85P05 5306-01-216-9850 bolt machine Avl RFQ
J814P031A 5306-01-528-0838 bolt shear Avl RFQ
3011T71P02 5306-00-487-6369 bolt shoulder Avl RFQ
LD111-0044-0458 5305-01-180-2540 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
LD111-0020-0416 5306-01-185-8661 bolt shear Avl RFQ
LD111-0021-0502 5306-01-274-0032 bolt shear Avl RFQ
LD111-0026-0415 5306-01-164-8521 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
J413P024A 5306-01-209-7190 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
LD111-0046-2310 5305-01-454-0762 screw machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0026-0523 5306-01-203-0904 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
J643P16A 5306-01-092-2095 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0020-0421 5306-01-683-6500 boltshear Avl RFQ
LD111-0027-0315 5306-01-660-7810 bolt close tolerance Avl RFQ
69-10452-1 3120-00-878-6227 bearing sleeve Avl RFQ
LD111-0046-2306 5305-01-454-0735 screw machine Avl RFQ
J814P026A 5306-01-231-7900 bolt machine Avl RFQ
3033T49P02 5307-01-088-3447 stud continuous thr Avl RFQ
1-140-157-02 5306-00-948-3243 bolt machine Avl RFQ
J645P22A 5306-00-458-2865 bolt machine Avl RFQ
4082T86P01 1560-01-233-8317 mounting bolt Avl RFQ
LD111-0022-0406 5306-01-659-6643 bolt shear Avl RFQ
LD111-0029-0409 5305-01-172-0930 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
LD111-0021-0886 5306-01-664-3521 bolt shear Avl RFQ
J646P27D 5306-01-028-8943 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0045-2319 5305-01-660-9909 screw close tolerance Avl RFQ
LD111-0026-0405 5306-01-170-8485 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
J645P17A 5306-00-510-8553 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0046-2319 5305-01-660-9210 screw close tolerance Avl RFQ
LD111-0020-0603 5306-01-195-9821 bolt shear Avl RFQ
J646P17A 5306-00-526-4160 bolt machine Avl RFQ
6-52642 5306-00-297-2888 bolt shoulder Avl RFQ
LD111-0046-2412 5305-01-451-7615 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
LD111-0026-0482 5306-01-165-1290 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
J643P13A 5306-00-515-0539 bolt machine Avl RFQ
J815O035A 5306-00-515-0561 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
LD111-0047-0507 5305-01-356-2534 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
ST2016-016 5306-00-373-3205 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0044-0514 5305-01-160-5696 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
LD111-0047-2407 5306-01-281-1808 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
4067T57P01 5306-01-120-0270 bolt shoulder Avl RFQ
R523P06SL 5306-00-913-2685 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0021-0404 5306-01-199-2187 bolt shear Avl RFQ
J306P16B 5306-00-171-4324 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0026-0420 5306-01-197-2546 bolt close toleranc Avl RFQ
J643P05D 5306-00-308-3482 bolt machine Avl RFQ
J643P07A 5306-00-310-8630 bolt machine Avl RFQ
LD111-0020-0418 5306-01-180-6607 bolt shear Avl RFQ
ST0160LB009 5306-01-162-3818 bolt shear Avl RFQ
LD111-0020-0605 5306-01-195-9822 bolt shear Avl RFQ
LD111-0044-2410 5305-01-169-0017 screw close toleran Avl RFQ
6846196-17 5306-00-701-2367 bolt machine Avl RFQ
J646P19A 5306-00-505-9830 bolt machine Avl RFQ

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