International Peripheral Systems Inc – NSN Part Number Sourcing

At NSN Parts Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we offer our clients a streamlined parts purchasing platform. We readily provide International Peripheral Systems Inc parts such as X79875, X71238, X71211, 99HD2, 89HD2 and NSN 5305009144628, 5305009144629, 5305009144625, 7490009201770, 7490009201767. With a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts with civil and defense applications within the aerospace industry. As a trusted FAA AC 0056B accredited company and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), our clients rely on us to provide high quality NSN parts to meet NSN requirements.

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
X79875 5305-00-914-4628 screw machine Avl RFQ
X71238 5305-00-914-4629 screw machine Avl RFQ
X71211 5305-00-914-4625 screw machine Avl RFQ
99HD2 7490-00-920-1770 spring lever stacke Avl RFQ
89HD2 7490-00-920-1767 trip bar assembly Avl RFQ
88HD2 7490-00-920-9234 screw trip bar clam Avl RFQ
87HD2 7490-00-920-9233 spacer trip bar Avl RFQ
876M 5930-00-955-4011 switch toggle Avl RFQ
86HD2 7490-00-920-9232 hook stop lever tri Avl RFQ
868M 7490-00-955-4006 nut Avl RFQ
848M 7490-00-955-4001 cap oil Avl RFQ
843M 7490-00-914-8335 washer stacker rear Avl RFQ
840M 7490-00-955-3996 washer Avl RFQ
833M 7490-00-920-1037 plate table Avl RFQ
831M 7490-00-920-1038 guard drive belt as Avl RFQ
820M 7490-00-955-3979 housing drive assem Avl RFQ
81HD2 7490-00-920-9230 pin trip stop Avl RFQ
818M 7490-00-920-1040 bracket stacker lon Avl RFQ
79HD2 7490-00-920-1762 trip tongue and lev Avl RFQ
76HD2 7490-00-920-9229 screw stacker back Avl RFQ
730M 7490-00-955-3972 guard feed roller Avl RFQ
728M 7490-00-920-5118 spindle stacker Avl RFQ
727M 7490-00-920-5117 plate stacker stop Avl RFQ
726M 7490-00-954-9876 spring tension stud Avl RFQ
725M 5315-00-920-5116 pin stacker gear Avl RFQ
722M 7490-00-955-4140 cover Avl RFQ
720M 7490-00-920-1303 machine table Avl RFQ
71HD2 5305-00-920-9228 setscrew Avl RFQ
719M 7490-00-920-5115 plate gib Avl RFQ
712M 7490-00-996-3412 roller Avl RFQ
710XM 7490-00-920-1301 stacker slide bar Avl RFQ
706M 7490-00-920-5112 plate stacker Avl RFQ
705M 7490-00-920-5111 rack stacker Avl RFQ
704M 5315-00-920-5110 pin plunger Avl RFQ
703M 7490-00-920-5109 spring spindle Avl RFQ
701M 3020-00-920-5107 gear spur Avl RFQ
697M 7490-00-920-1298 housing bearing sta Avl RFQ
695M 3110-00-954-9837 bearing ball Avl RFQ
690 1-2M 7490-00-920-1315 plate stacker Avl RFQ
689SEP 7490-00-940-3349 typexseptember Avl RFQ
689MAY 7490-00-920-4059 type may Avl RFQ
689M 7490-00-940-3389 inker bar bracket Avl RFQ
689JUL 7490-00-920-4061 type july Avl RFQ
689JAN 7490-00-920-4055 type january Avl RFQ
689GMAR 7490-00-940-3354 typexmarch Avl RFQ
689GJUN 7490-00-940-3357 typexjune Avl RFQ
689GJUL 7490-00-940-3358 typexjuly Avl RFQ
689GFEB 7490-00-940-3353 typexfebruary Avl RFQ
689GAPR 7490-00-940-3355 typexapril Avl RFQ
689DEC 7490-00-940-3351 typexdecember Avl RFQ
689AUG 7490-00-920-4062 type august Avl RFQ
687M 7490-00-955-3956 screw wing Avl RFQ
687G8 7490-00-920-4031 type 8 Avl RFQ
687G4 7490-00-920-4027 type 4 Avl RFQ
687G31 7490-00-920-4054 type 31 Avl RFQ
687G30 7490-00-920-4053 type 3 Avl RFQ
687G29 7490-00-920-4052 type 29 Avl RFQ
687G28 7490-00-920-4051 type 28 Avl RFQ
687G26 7490-00-920-4049 type 26 Avl RFQ
687G25 7490-00-920-4048 type 25 Avl RFQ
687G21 7490-00-920-4044 type 21 Avl RFQ
687G19 7490-00-920-4042 type 19 Avl RFQ
687G18 7490-00-920-4041 type 18 Avl RFQ
687G17 7490-00-920-4040 type 17 Avl RFQ
687G16 7490-00-920-4039 type 16 Avl RFQ
687G15 7490-00-920-4038 type 15 Avl RFQ
687G13 7490-00-920-4036 type 13 Avl RFQ
687 11 7490-00-920-4003 type 11 Avl RFQ
684M 5310-00-920-1313 nut separator adjus Avl RFQ
681GAM 7490-00-940-3366 typexam Avl RFQ
681AM 7490-00-940-3364 typexam Avl RFQ
680M 7490-00-920-1311 gate feeding Avl RFQ
677 1-2 7490-00-920-1310 plate stacker feed Avl RFQ
634A 7490-00-920-5094 spring seperator Avl RFQ
57HD2 7490-00-920-1761 stacker plate Avl RFQ
54HD2 7490-00-920-9225 washer Avl RFQ
51HD2 7490-00-920-1759 printing pressure a Avl RFQ
501018 7490-00-939-4907 springxribbon feed Avl RFQ
4HD2 7490-00-920-1726 feed plate guard Avl RFQ
49HD2 7490-00-920-1757 trip pressure sprin Avl RFQ
481M 5315-00-920-5130 pin escutcheon Avl RFQ
44HD2 7490-00-920-1752 separator roller as Avl RFQ
448M 7490-00-920-1324 cover type tray Avl RFQ
440M 7490-00-920-1323 tray type Avl RFQ
42HD2 7490-00-920-1750 separator dust cove Avl RFQ
422A 7490-00-920-5124 panel wood Avl RFQ
38HD2 7490-00-920-1746 trip pressure rolle Avl RFQ
37HD2 3020-00-940-3378 gear cluster Avl RFQ
376S 5305-00-996-3274 screw machine Avl RFQ
33HD2 3020-00-940-3374 gear spur Avl RFQ
32HD2 3020-00-940-3373 gear spur Avl RFQ
31HD2 3020-00-940-3372 gear spur Avl RFQ
304-0S 5305-00-914-4617 screw machine Avl RFQ
298M 7490-00-920-1319 separator guide Avl RFQ
297HD2 7490-00-940-3388 screw special Avl RFQ
282HD2 5360-00-920-6616 spring helical comp Avl RFQ
281HD2 7490-00-955-3932 screw separator Avl RFQ
280HD2 3040-00-940-3387 pawl Avl RFQ
279HD2 7490-00-920-1786 seperator eye stud Avl RFQ
266HD2 7490-00-920-9264 washer Avl RFQ
264HD2 7490-00-920-9263 nut wing Avl RFQ
257S 7490-00-955-3921 collar separator Avl RFQ
254M 7490-00-920-1334 tray letter Avl RFQ
24HD2 7490-00-920-1742 idler gear stud Avl RFQ
240A 3030-00-920-9713 belt letter feed Avl RFQ
234N 7490-00-920-9255 rubber stacker narr Avl RFQ
2200L 7490-00-955-4017 die spindle clutch Avl RFQ
216L 7490-00-077-0258 spring round Avl RFQ
2155 5360-00-921-8151 spring helical exte Avl RFQ
214M 7490-00-920-1331 roller trip pressur Avl RFQ
213M 7490-00-077-0255 stud trip press rol Avl RFQ
2100 7490-00-920-5179 drive unit Avl RFQ
20HD2 7490-00-920-1738 stacker star wheel Avl RFQ
19HD2 3040-00-940-3370 shaft straight Avl RFQ
198L 7490-00-077-0254 stud ink felt rolle Avl RFQ
18HD2 3120-00-920-1737 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
189HD2 7490-00-920-9251 ring dust cover spr Avl RFQ
188HD2 7490-00-920-9250 chain machine table Avl RFQ
187HD2 5360-00-920-9249 spring stacker end Avl RFQ
1815M 7490-00-920-1042 arm printing pressu Avl RFQ
1804M 3020-00-955-3980 gear bevel assembly Avl RFQ
178M 3020-00-077-0247 gear intermediate Avl RFQ
176M 7490-00-077-0246 bushing stacker idl Avl RFQ
174S 5315-00-077-0245 pin separator hinge Avl RFQ
1721M 7490-00-955-3970 plate gear Avl RFQ
1713M 7490-00-954-9873 drive unit Avl RFQ
16LNS 7490-00-967-5334 gear spur intermedi Avl RFQ
16HD2 3120-00-940-3369 bushing sleeve Avl RFQ
1691M 7490-00-955-3960 spindle stacker fee Avl RFQ
166M 7490-00-967-5402 spindle feed roller Avl RFQ
165HD2 7490-00-920-9246 screw counter gear Avl RFQ
161HD2 7490-00-920-9245 pin taper Avl RFQ
161G 7490-00-967-5399 spring die hub Avl RFQ
1615 7490-00-920-5175 drum gear belt Avl RFQ
160HD2 7490-00-920-9244 pin trip stop Avl RFQ
160G 7490-00-920-1023 die hub ball Avl RFQ
1588 7490-00-920-5160 tank ink Avl RFQ
1554 7490-00-920-5145 pulley idler Avl RFQ
1536 7490-00-920-5133 die hub return to Avl RFQ
152HD2 7490-00-920-9242 pin pivot tongue Avl RFQ
151HD2 7490-00-920-9241 pin stop lever Avl RFQ
150HD2 5310-00-920-9240 washer flat Avl RFQ
14HD2 5340-00-920-1734 handle Avl RFQ
146F 7490-00-996-3094 roller Avl RFQ
140HD2 7490-00-920-1775 trip tongue Avl RFQ
13HD2 7490-00-920-1733 drive wheel Avl RFQ
139HD2 7490-00-920-1774 trip tongue lever Avl RFQ
138HD2 7490-00-920-9239 gear die hub Avl RFQ
133S 7490-00-996-3083 ring die postmarkin Avl RFQ
133G 7490-00-996-3082 ring die square Avl RFQ
133EG 7490-00-996-3085 year type Avl RFQ
133E 7490-00-996-3084 year type insert Avl RFQ
131HD2 7490-00-920-9238 washer shaft Avl RFQ
12HD2 7490-00-920-1732 feed plate Avl RFQ
1289K 7490-00-920-1658 ring clutch Avl RFQ
1265 7490-00-996-3196 plate Avl RFQ
1254 7490-00-996-3188 tray letter assembl Avl RFQ
1227 7490-00-996-3161 ink dipper Avl RFQ
1213M 7490-00-920-9929 trip pressure rolle Avl RFQ
120M 7490-00-967-5390 screw he agon Avl RFQ
1207 7490-00-996-3148 die hub Avl RFQ
116HD2 7490-00-920-9235 pin dowel gear Avl RFQ
115HD2 7490-00-940-3381 taper pin for 28hd2 Avl RFQ
1157L 7490-00-920-1021 spindle die Avl RFQ
1157 7490-00-610-4401 clutch and die hub Avl RFQ
1156M 7490-00-920-1020 spindle trip roller Avl RFQ
1156F 7490-00-996-3105 spindle Avl RFQ
1156 7490-00-996-3104 spindle trip feed r Avl RFQ
1152 7490-00-996-3100 spindle Avl RFQ
1107M 3020-00-920-1821 gear worm Avl RFQ
10HD2 7490-00-920-1731 stacker idler guard Avl RFQ
1084S 7490-00-920-9271 adjustment assembly Avl RFQ
1067 7490-00-996-3030 trip assembled Avl RFQ
105HD2-12 7490-00-921-7655 typex12 Avl RFQ
1059 7490-00-996-3025 rod Avl RFQ
1058S 7490-00-920-1349 separator guard Avl RFQ
1055 1-2M 7490-00-920-1348 idler gear assembly Avl RFQ
1054 7490-00-996-3018 plate stacker slide Avl RFQ
104HD2MAY 7490-00-921-7637 type may Avl RFQ
104HD2MAR 7490-00-921-7778 typexmarch Avl RFQ
104HD2JULY 7490-00-921-7639 typejuly Avl RFQ
104HD2FEB 7490-00-921-7777 typexfebruary Avl RFQ
104HD230PM 7490-00-921-7774 typex30 pm Avl RFQ
1043L 7490-00-920-1370 arm stacker idler Avl RFQ
1043 7490-00-996-3009 rocker arm Avl RFQ
1039 7490-00-996-3007 ink tank top Avl RFQ
1036A 7490-00-996-3003 NA Avl RFQ
1035PT 7490-00-920-6629 idler roller holder Avl RFQ
102HD2 7490-00-920-1772 die hub engraved st Avl RFQ
1027S 7490-00-920-1814 separator bearing Avl RFQ
1027 7490-00-996-2996 bearing Avl RFQ
1017 3020-00-940-3326 gear spur Avl RFQ
1016LNS 7490-00-920-1367 gear spur assembly Avl RFQ
1016 3020-00-920-1707 gear spur Avl RFQ
1011 7490-00-996-2984 stand letter feed Avl RFQ
1010 7490-00-996-2983 stand die and trip Avl RFQ
1008LNS 7490-00-967-5332 pinion disk separat Avl RFQ
1007L 7490-00-967-5331 wheel separator Avl RFQ
1007 7490-00-996-2980 stand stacker Avl RFQ
1006 7490-00-996-2979 gear plate Avl RFQ

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