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At NSN Parts Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we offer our clients a streamlined parts purchasing platform. We readily provide NSN parts manufacturer Federal Prison Industries Inc - (CAGE Code 63883, 65242, 56853), parts such as RS 017 L8, R7-1AF, RS-071-K2, W2-3LA, RS-004-F6 with NSN 9905010567761, 9905010592223, 9905010564005, 9905007218767, 9905010532299. With a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts with civil and defence applications within the aerospace industry. As a trusted FAA AC 0056B accredited company and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), our clients rely on us to provide high quality NSN parts to meet NSN requirements.

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
RS 017 L8 9905-01-056-7761 sign Avl RFQ
R7-1AF 9905-01-059-2223 sign face adhesive Avl RFQ
RS-071-K2 9905-01-056-4005 sign Avl RFQ
W2-3LA 9905-00-721-8767 sign traffic Avl RFQ
RS-004-F6 9905-01-053-2299 sign Avl RFQ
RS-069-H5 9905-01-055-2976 sign Avl RFQ
26-S-32872-18 GRAY 7125-00-071-3541 base strip shelving Avl RFQ
W11-1D 9905-01-059-1252 sign traffic Avl RFQ
RS 002 F2 9905-01-054-0962 sign Avl RFQ
RS-038-B9 9905-01-051-7144 sign Avl RFQ
RS-042-H6 9905-01-055-3025 sign Avl RFQ
CAU-7-10X7-RA 9905-01-381-3157 sign Avl RFQ
RS-016-B2 9905-01-051-4534 sign Avl RFQ
RS-073-C4 9905-01-051-9051 sign Avl RFQ
9166794 6150-00-984-5169 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
RS-036-F2 9905-01-054-0997 sign Avl RFQ
RS-009-G6 9905-01-054-7878 sign Avl RFQ
RS-032-K4 9905-01-056-2348 sign Avl RFQ
11442415-15 5995-01-142-2600 cable assembly radi Avl RFQ
RS-074-L5 9905-01-056-6020 sign Avl RFQ
26-S-32827-306 GREEN 7125-01-099-7734 shelving storage an Avl RFQ
R11 2I 9905-01-058-9822 sign face adhesive Avl RFQ
26-S-32816-310 GRAY 7125-01-100-0063 shelving storage an Avl RFQ
11457496-14 5995-01-192-0405 cable assembly radi Avl RFQ
RS-057-B8 9905-01-051-7125 sign Avl RFQ
RS 013 I3 9905-01-055-5844 sign Avl RFQ
RS-016-L11 9905-01-056-7856 sign Avl RFQ
26-S-32855-166 GREEN 7125-01-099-5588 shelving storage an Avl RFQ
26-S-32874-144 GREEN 7125-01-099-7766 divider storage and Avl RFQ
RS-003-J9 9905-01-056-3730 sign Avl RFQ
RS 073 E1 9905-01-052-7867 sign Avl RFQ
RS-007-L1 9905-01-056-5645 sign Avl RFQ
R5-1B 9905-00-949-5066 sign traffic Avl RFQ
RS-054-H2 9905-01-055-3215 sign Avl RFQ
TPL-1517 7125-01-391-6947 upright racking can Avl RFQ
RS-016-L3 9905-01-056-5808 sign Avl RFQ
7210013246946 7210-01-324-6946 mattress bed Avl RFQ
10274658 6150-01-194-6001 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
26-S-32827-309 GREEN 7125-01-100-1611 shelving storage an Avl RFQ
RS 034 J8 9905-01-056-3703 sign Avl RFQ
RS 044 E4 9905-01-052-8399 sign Avl RFQ
RS-075-I5 9905-01-055-7071 sign Avl RFQ
7110-FPI-WPF-005 WAL 7110-01-049-9320 desk l unit Avl RFQ
RS 002 F5 9905-01-053-2220 sign Avl RFQ
26-S-32857-202 GREEN 7125-01-099-5389 shelving storage an Avl RFQ
RS-039-A6 9905-01-050-8564 sign Avl RFQ
26 S 32895 GREEN2406 7125-01-154-3282 shelf plain Avl RFQ
RS-006-F2 9905-01-054-0966 sign Avl RFQ
RS 017 C3 9905-01-051-7357 sign Avl RFQ
WP-2402 7110-01-159-0623 chair easy Avl RFQ
W11-1PE 9905-01-060-6114 sign face adhesive Avl RFQ
RS-054-I5 9905-01-055-7050 sign Avl RFQ
26-S-32850-198 GREEN 7125-01-099-1824 shelving storage an Avl RFQ
RS-060-K3 9905-01-056-2323 sign Avl RFQ
26-S-32850-170 GREEN 7125-01-099-1347 shelving storage an Avl RFQ
RS-054-C2 9905-01-051-7794 sign Avl RFQ
NCC-5140 LO 7110-01-352-4274 filing cabinet Avl RFQ
TPN-6427 7125-01-390-8039 decking Avl RFQ
TPN-7740 7125-01-390-9721 rack storage pallet Avl RFQ
26-S-32879 GRAY 2613 7125-01-154-3238 door double storage Avl RFQ
7110-FPI-3833 RED-OR 7110-01-050-2319 chair straight Avl RFQ
26-S-32827-508 GREEN 7125-01-099-7738 shelving storage an Avl RFQ
SD6-13 9905-01-054-0381 sign Avl RFQ
A-906 7110-01-136-2027 chair straight Avl RFQ
11453189 6150-01-091-6400 cable assembly Avl RFQ
RS-068-J6 9905-01-056-0405 sign Avl RFQ
NCC-1300 R LO 7110-01-353-4456 desk flat top Avl RFQ
RS 040 C6 9905-01-052-0152 sign Avl RFQ
RS-050-C10 9905-01-052-2605 sign Avl RFQ
RS-068-F4 9905-01-053-2211 sign Avl RFQ
W1-4RC 9905-00-721-8724 sign traffic Avl RFQ
WP-2420BEIGE 7110-01-136-9612 settee Avl RFQ
A-907 7110-01-187-3737 chair easy Avl RFQ
RS-011-A2 9905-01-050-4026 sign Avl RFQ
7110-FPI-WPF-123BEIG 7110-01-049-4568 chair straight Avl RFQ
RS-053-D3 9905-01-053-2042 sign Avl RFQ
RS-024-D4 9905-01-052-6517 sign Avl RFQ
A-907 7110-01-136-2020 chair easy Avl RFQ
11457496-1 5995-01-199-2074 cable assembly radi Avl RFQ
WP-2420 7110-01-157-4905 settee Avl RFQ
26-S-32825-554 GREEN 7125-01-099-7624 shelving storage an Avl RFQ
26-S-32874-252 GREEN 7125-01-099-2237 divider storage and Avl RFQ
11569117 5995-01-141-1215 wiring harness bran Avl RFQ
RS-034-L11 9905-01-056-7858 sign Avl RFQ
A-908B 7110-01-186-3055 settee Avl RFQ
RS 055 E7 9905-01-052-8726 sign Avl RFQ
RS-061-I9 9905-01-055-7237 sign Avl RFQ
A3013552-10 6150-01-466-0693 lead assembly elect Avl RFQ
10130127 6150-01-570-4310 cable assembly powe Avl RFQ
RS-021-L6 9905-01-056-6330 sign Avl RFQ
W5-1I 9905-01-059-2149 sign face adhesive Avl RFQ
RS-050-H1 9905-01-055-3088 sign Avl RFQ
EHR1007 2990-01-545-2271 muffler exhaust Avl RFQ
RS-049-C6 9905-01-052-0162 sign Avl RFQ
RS-066-H12 9905-01-055-2654 sign Avl RFQ
RS-041-K4 9905-01-056-2357 sign Avl RFQ
RS 046 C2 9905-01-051-7786 sign Avl RFQ
RS-061-K8 9905-01-056-2627 sign Avl RFQ
RS-034-I11 9905-01-055-7900 sign Avl RFQ
10165663 5995-00-401-1474 lead assembly elect Avl RFQ
RS-058-D8 9905-01-053-9121 sign Avl RFQ
RS-011-C5 9905-01-051-9064 sign Avl RFQ
7125-FPI-7186 GREEN 7125-01-098-8825 shelf Avl RFQ
RS-027-A5 9905-01-050-8475 sign Avl RFQ
RS-044-J2 9905-01-055-8078 sign Avl RFQ
WP-2430 7110-01-155-4941 chair rotary Avl RFQ
RS-050-I10 9905-01-055-7259 sign Avl RFQ
7210010779358 7210-01-077-9358 mattress bed Avl RFQ
26-S-32827-654 GRAY 7125-01-099-9957 shelving storage an Avl RFQ
RS-062-C4 9905-01-051-9040 sign Avl RFQ
RS-038-E9 9905-01-052-8779 sign Avl RFQ
RS-040-D2 9905-01-052-4666 sign Avl RFQ
CBL-1595 5995-01-542-7478 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
26-S-32825-306 GREEN 7125-01-099-7685 shelving storage an Avl RFQ
26-S-32825-308 GREEN 7125-01-099-3896 shelving storage an Avl RFQ
RS-061-J1 9905-01-055-8019 sign Avl RFQ
RS-056-H8 9905-01-055-2517 sign Avl RFQ
RS-007-J6 9905-01-056-0319 sign Avl RFQ
R4-7AJ 9905-01-059-2208 sign face adhesive Avl RFQ
A-902 7110-01-134-5479 chair rotary Avl RFQ
RS-035-G1 9905-01-054-7520 sign Avl RFQ
RS-032-H6 9905-01-055-3015 sign Avl RFQ
RS-046-F3 9905-01-053-2112 sign Avl RFQ
RS 064 A1 9905-01-049-9398 sign Avl RFQ
R3-2AE 9905-01-058-9799 sign face adhesive Avl RFQ
26-S-32850-198 GREEN 7125-01-099-1951 shelving storage an Avl RFQ
RS-042-E7 9905-01-052-8718 sign Avl RFQ
26-S-32855-262 GREEN 7125-01-099-5704 shelving storage an Avl RFQ
RS-017-G6 9905-01-054-7886 sign Avl RFQ
RS-022-A4 9905-01-050-7573 sign Avl RFQ
NCC-5220 AD 7110-01-350-2595 filing cabinet Avl RFQ
26-S-32825-306 GRAY 7125-01-099-3284 shelving storage an Avl RFQ
RS-058-D5 9905-01-052-6627 sign Avl RFQ
CBA 7187 5995-01-493-7344 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
RS 031 L3 9905-01-056-5824 sign Avl RFQ
RS-035-B2 9905-01-051-4554 sign Avl RFQ
RS-051-A9 9905-01-051-0268 sign Avl RFQ
RS-071-L2 9905-01-056-5788 sign Avl RFQ
26-S-32874-166 GRAY 7125-01-154-2308 divider storage and Avl RFQ
RS-041-B4 9905-01-051-6148 sign Avl RFQ
RS-013-C8 9905-01-052-2552 sign Avl RFQ
10190226 6150-00-453-9197 cable assembly power e Avl RFQ
RS-062-K5 9905-01-056-2479 sign Avl RFQ
RS-008-H3 9905-01-055-3244 sign Avl RFQ
RS-028-K1 9905-01-056-3884 sign Avl RFQ
SD3-9 9905-01-054-0367 sign Avl RFQ
RS-014-E2 9905-01-052-7883 sign Avl RFQ
TSA60 7125-01-390-9789 rack post pallet Avl RFQ
RS-072-K7 9905-01-056-2601 sign Avl RFQ
RS-059-K3 9905-01-056-2322 sign Avl RFQ
11454706-1 5995-01-092-5927 cable assembly Avl RFQ
RS-054-K8 9905-01-056-2620 sign Avl RFQ
RS-073-K6 9905-01-056-2567 sign Avl RFQ
26-S-32887-705 GRAY 7125-01-099-5111 panel back shelving Avl RFQ
TIF-114 7110-01-049-9325 credenza office Avl RFQ
RS-052-B8 9905-01-051-7121 sign Avl RFQ
RS-014-B6 9905-01-051-7040 sign Avl RFQ
RS-053-J5 9905-01-056-0336 sign Avl RFQ
10274065-6 5995-01-195-9120 cable assembly radi Avl RFQ
26-S-32872-14 GRAY 7125-00-071-3444 base strip shelving Avl RFQ
1CBP 7105-00-574-9038 post set bunk bed Avl RFQ
WP-2420 7110-01-157-6850 settee Avl RFQ
RS-077-G4 9905-01-054-7762 sign Avl RFQ
7210013248805 7210-01-324-8805 bedspring Avl RFQ
RS-044-K6 9905-01-056-2537 sign Avl RFQ
RS-066-E3 9905-01-052-8294 sign Avl RFQ
RS-008-A2 9905-01-050-4023 sign Avl RFQ
RS-025-I1 9905-01-055-5703 sign Avl RFQ
RS-051-D6 9905-01-053-9042 sign Avl RFQ
26-S-32827-658 GRAY 7125-01-099-9959 shelving storage an Avl RFQ
RS-040-C3 9905-01-051-7381 sign Avl RFQ
RS-060-L5 9905-01-056-6006 sign Avl RFQ
RS-068-H2 9905-01-055-3183 sign Avl RFQ
A-908 7110-01-136-2039 settee Avl RFQ
RS-019-I3 9905-01-055-5851 sign Avl RFQ
RS-038-L4 9905-01-056-5908 sign Avl RFQ
WP-2412 7110-01-158-0182 settee Avl RFQ
26L4660 7125-00-770-5763 locker underbed Avl RFQ
RS-042-D8 9905-01-053-9110 sign Avl RFQ
26-S-32816-340 GREEN 7125-01-099-2149 shelving storage an Avl RFQ
RS-003-C1 9905-01-051-7266 sign Avl RFQ
RS-018-H2 9905-01-055-3155 sign Avl RFQ
RS-051-G2 9905-01-054-7614 sign Avl RFQ
LSC91037 7105-01-395-2720 wardrobe Avl RFQ
R3-2PF 9905-01-059-2201 sign face adhesive Avl RFQ
RS-007-H6 9905-01-055-2989 sign Avl RFQ
26-S-32879-200 GREEN 7125-01-100-1341 door single storage Avl RFQ
26-S-32825-654 GRAY 7125-01-099-3375 shelving storage an Avl RFQ
RS-040-L10 9905-01-056-7828 sign Avl RFQ
RS-043-C2 9905-01-051-7782 sign Avl RFQ
26-S-32855-202 GRAY 7125-01-099-5716 shelving storage an Avl RFQ
WP-2420 7110-01-157-5079 settee Avl RFQ
RS-021-A2 9905-01-050-3960 sign Avl RFQ
26-S-32888-493 GRAY 7125-00-079-0322 panel end shelving Avl RFQ
RS-035-A4 9905-01-050-7593 sign Avl RFQ
RS-004-I2 9905-01-055-5758 sign Avl RFQ
7110-FPI-WPF-405TAUP 7110-01-061-2312 settee Avl RFQ
10676314 5995-00-480-1196 cable assembly radi Avl RFQ
RS-072-G2 9905-01-054-7635 sign Avl RFQ
26-S-32857-142 GREEN 7125-01-099-5635 shelving storage an Avl RFQ

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