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At NSN Parts Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we offer our clients a streamlined parts purchasing platform. We readily provide NSN parts manufacturer Baxter Healthcare Ltd parts such as U2711, U2251-10, S7737-2, S7712-2, S1803-115 with NSN 6550002261203, 6550013381815, 6550010879802, 6550012433247, 6550012116802. With a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts with civil and defence applications within the aerospace industry. As a trusted FAA AC 0056B accredited company and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), our clients rely on us to provide high quality NSN parts to meet NSN requirements.

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
U2711 6550-00-226-1203 test strips and col Avl RFQ
U2251-10 6550-01-338-1815 reference standard Avl RFQ
S7737-2 6550-01-087-9802 hematoxylin stain Avl RFQ
S7712-2 6550-01-243-3247 giemsas stain modi Avl RFQ
S1803-115 6550-01-211-6802 reference standard Avl RFQ
RB33L1 5905-00-815-7739 resistor thermal Avl RFQ
P1604011800 5330-00-139-7464 packing preformed Avl RFQ
P1225 7520-01-023-1237 marker tube type Avl RFQ
NIN62 15 6230-01-301-8514 ginger jar lamp Avl RFQ
NDC47679-0526-35 6505-01-230-3929 calcium carbonate a Avl RFQ
NDC47679-0412-52 6505-01-231-9093 docusate sodium sol Avl RFQ
NDC47679-0161-35 6505-01-181-6997 pseudoephedrine hyd Avl RFQ
NDC47679-0143-04 6505-01-276-7873 ferrous sulfate tab Avl RFQ
NDC10019-0641-34 6505-01-380-5819 desflurane usp Avl RFQ
NDC10019-0621-03 6505-01-219-3901 cefuroxime sodium u Avl RFQ
NDC10019-0025-18 6505-01-262-8714 esmolol hydrochloride Avl RFQ
NDC00941-0413-45 6505-01-369-4602 peritoneal dialysis Avl RFQ
NDC00941-0411-48 6505-01-369-4604 peritoneal dialysis Avl RFQ
NDC00941-0411-46 6505-01-344-4711 peritoneal dialysis Avl RFQ
NDC00941-0383-46 6505-01-348-4114 peritoneal dialysis Avl RFQ
NDC00677-1702-01 6505-01-319-5117 labetalol hydrochlorid Avl RFQ
NDC00677-0782-05 6505-01-061-5476 ergoloid mesylates Avl RFQ
NDC00677-0486-01 6505-01-304-1014 nitroglycerin extended Avl RFQ
NDC00677-0354-01 6505-00-680-1908 primidone tablets u Avl RFQ
NDC00338-2043-48 6505-01-317-1108 cefuroxime sodium i Avl RFQ
NDC00338-2015-48 6505-01-317-1110 penicillin g potass Avl RFQ
NDC00338-1115-04 6505-01-517-4001 amino acids and dextro Avl RFQ
NDC00338-1075-02 6505-01-391-7023 dobutamine hydrochl Avl RFQ
NDC00338-1055-48 6505-01-139-4931 metronidazole injec Avl RFQ
NDC00338-1049-02 6505-01-343-2489 nitroglycerin in de Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0691-04 6505-01-462-5406 potassium chloride Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0671-04 6505-01-077-8803 dextrose potassium Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0629-04 6505-01-162-9032 amino acid injectio Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0509-41 6505-01-147-2465 gentamicin sulfate Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0353-04 6505-01-462-4130 mannitol injection Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0327-62 6505-00-582-5217 potassium chloride Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0318-02 6505-01-462-6456 potassium chloride Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0281-06 6505-01-181-5832 peritoneal dialysis Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0111-04 6505-00-116-1067 dextrose in ringers in Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0089-02 6505-01-462-2445 dextrose and sodium ch Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0085-02 6505-01-224-9079 dextrose and sodium Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0049-18 6505-01-023-6839 sodium chloride inject Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0049-03 6505-01-330-6268 sodium chloride inj Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0049-02 6505-01-462-2432 sodium chloride inj Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0047-46 6505-01-429-8580 sodium chloride irr Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0047-44 6505-01-633-1641 sodium chloride irr Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0047-44 6505-01-153-3787 sodium chloride irr Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0033-13 6505-01-110-3956 dextrose injection Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0017-11 6505-01-462-1926 dextrose injection Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0003-04 6505-00-107-0923 water for injection Avl RFQ
NDC00338-0001-04 6505-00-965-9181 water for injection Avl RFQ
NDC00310-0378-51 6505-01-388-2474 cefotetan disodium in Avl RFQ
NDC00048-1140-05 6505-00-003-3026 levothyroxine sodiu Avl RFQ
NDC00048-1090-05 6505-01-212-7718 levothyroxine sodiu Avl RFQ
NDC00048-1040-13 6505-01-055-4239 levothyroxine sodium t Avl RFQ
NDC 0338-0711-13 6505-01-562-6834 dextrose injection Avl RFQ
LA27J1 5905-00-242-1966 resistor thermal Avl RFQ
J3075-1 6550-01-162-1523 cultech jembec g c Avl RFQ
IMMUNOASSAY CONTROL 6550-01-353-1052 control human serum Avl RFQ
H3655-052-5109 4710-00-052-5109 tube bent metallic Avl RFQ
GB28L1 5905-00-156-0528 resistor thermal Avl RFQ
FIG-7-36-12 3040-01-524-2567 ring piston Avl RFQ
B686850 6550-01-162-1392 test kit rheumatoid Avl RFQ
B6350-100 6550-01-156-3477 reference standards Avl RFQ
B5980-3 6550-01-216-7029 test kit bicarbonate d Avl RFQ
B5613-1 6550-00-467-2149 test kit glucose de Avl RFQ
B5555-216 7530-01-162-2910 paper thermal printer Avl RFQ
B5374-2 6550-01-160-4995 test strips and col Avl RFQ
B4233-25 6550-01-210-4441 thrombin clotting t Avl RFQ
B4233-22 6550-01-237-3136 control fibrinogen Avl RFQ
B4233-20 6550-01-246-3739 reference standard fib Avl RFQ
B4132-10 6550-01-230-3119 hematology fixative Avl RFQ
B4129 6550-01-165-6732 wright giemsa stain Avl RFQ
B4063 6550-01-231-7219 blood diluting solutio Avl RFQ
B3160-34P 6550-01-346-4808 control set blood chem Avl RFQ
B3157-22A 6550-01-030-2390 lysing reagent Avl RFQ
B3135-31P 6550-01-222-3563 blood diluting solu Avl RFQ
B3135-31A 6550-01-156-0686 blood diluting solu Avl RFQ
B3135-23 6550-01-315-9772 spout kit hematology a Avl RFQ
B2912-1 6550-01-204-5252 test kit glucose deter Avl RFQ
B22-65056 4710-00-052-5106 tube bent metallic Avl RFQ
B19-65056 4710-00-052-5098 tube bent metallic Avl RFQ
B1175-2 6550-01-264-9997 bacteria culture co Avl RFQ
B1126-1 6550-00-985-5315 blood collecting cu Avl RFQ
B1096-1 6550-01-164-0588 blood collecting cultu Avl RFQ
B1026-10F 6550-01-310-0613 antimicrobial inoculat Avl RFQ
B1014-91 7530-01-357-5542 form printed Avl RFQ
B1014-83A 7530-01-353-2391 form printed Avl RFQ
B1012-10B 6550-01-262-2287 test kit hemophilus Avl RFQ
B1010-42 6550-01-224-0164 alpha naphthol a reage Avl RFQ
B1010-27K 6550-01-368-8368 bacteria culture co Avl RFQ
ABS20812D-18 5306-01-322-3164 bolt externally rel Avl RFQ
A9613 6532-01-215-4120 trousers operating Avl RFQ
A9510 6532-01-153-6546 surgical pack gown Avl RFQ
A616-72021 3110-00-166-1804 bearing Avl RFQ
A6000-1 6532-01-363-3533 coat medical attend Avl RFQ
A540 6532-00-163-7621 surgical pack gown Avl RFQ
A2476 6532-01-388-9217 surgical pack gown Avl RFQ
A1CR1N0X 4820-00-055-0102 valve assembly mani Avl RFQ
A0296 6505-01-240-3836 dextrose injection Avl RFQ
92421-300 7350-01-023-8719 lid disposable cup Avl RFQ
92421-100 7350-01-097-3110 cup disposable Avl RFQ
92105-555 7340-01-108-1447 knife picnic Avl RFQ
91499-020 7350-01-142-8333 lid disposable cup Avl RFQ
91476 7350-01-025-8730 bowl eating Avl RFQ
9070 6532-01-369-6795 surgical pack gown Avl RFQ
90150-036 7350-01-096-9451 lid bowl disposable Avl RFQ
90109-055 7350-01-095-9597 lid bowl Avl RFQ
90105-050 7350-01-052-4919 bowl eating Avl RFQ
90105-030 7350-00-212-6754 plate eating Avl RFQ
90049-086 7350-01-096-1376 lid bowl Avl RFQ
823-0959-1 4810-01-314-0739 valve solenoid Avl RFQ
7356 6505-00-107-0921 sodium acetate usp Avl RFQ
66N425CC 6532-01-369-5736 blanket warming hyp Avl RFQ
60795 6505-01-333-2023 antihemophilic fact Avl RFQ
5M7256 6505-01-300-3777 hemodialysis soluti Avl RFQ
5M0699 6545-01-012-0266 medical supply set Avl RFQ
5B5187 6505-01-363-9529 peritoneal dialysis so Avl RFQ
5B5178 6505-01-369-4603 peritoneal dialysis Avl RFQ
5B5168 6505-01-369-4604 peritoneal dialysis Avl RFQ
5B5166 6505-01-344-4711 peritoneal dialysis Avl RFQ
599T 6532-01-249-6583 sleeve surgical gow Avl RFQ
54366-010 6508-00-022-1310 soap antiseptic Avl RFQ
51120 7210-01-359-7206 pillow bed Avl RFQ
51108-020 7210-01-068-3205 pillow bed Avl RFQ
50960-583 7210-01-338-3402 pad mattress Avl RFQ
50900-080 7210-01-386-8220 mattress bed Avl RFQ
5061-3852 6545-00-027-5013 sink cabinet surgic Avl RFQ
5061-2264 7240-00-880-8878 frame cloth basket Avl RFQ
50044018 3120-01-333-7658 bearing sleeve Avl RFQ
50-98 5330-00-963-8849 gasket valve Avl RFQ
5-66033 ITEM 4 5 6 4720-01-265-0360 hose assembly nonme Avl RFQ
4R2180 T 6550-01-505-3251 control set platele Avl RFQ
4B7891X 6505-01-526-7900 anticoagulant citra Avl RFQ
4B7878 6505-01-240-4527 washing solution fr Avl RFQ
49602 6532-00-914-3070 shirt operating sur Avl RFQ
46868-040 6532-01-088-7642 surgical pack gown Avl RFQ
4670-125 6532-01-153-6520 gown operating surg Avl RFQ
46420-060 6532-01-289-9848 diaper adults Avl RFQ
45930-020 6532-01-162-8020 cape patient examin Avl RFQ
45850 7210-00-976-2454 blanket bed Avl RFQ
457-2699 PARTS KIT B 6545-01-333-9276 parts kit sealing mach Avl RFQ
45-19290-1-40500 5342-00-933-5187 disc special Avl RFQ
45-11316 4730-00-812-9315 sleeve compression Avl RFQ
44-010-4 6150-01-104-3356 cable assembly spec Avl RFQ
418519-5 4820-00-136-5127 valve assembly Avl RFQ
406-80S 4730-00-278-8864 coupling boss Avl RFQ
344-9996 PARTS KIT B 6545-01-386-3789 parts kit timer coagul Avl RFQ
338-0049-11 6505-01-015-6082 sodium chloride inj Avl RFQ
3242 6532-00-192-7539 cap operating surgi Avl RFQ
32101 6550-00-524-8470 test kit total prot Avl RFQ
30802403 5930-01-303-6164 switch thermostatic Avl RFQ
30800740 6210-01-227-7007 light indicator Avl RFQ
2M8074 7530-01-341-7461 label Avl RFQ
2G3543 6505-01-369-0451 penicillin g potass Avl RFQ
2G3524 6505-01-364-3779 cefriaxone injectio Avl RFQ
2F7123 6505-01-061-5478 sodium chloride irr Avl RFQ
2F7122P 6505-01-253-8150 sodium chloride irr Avl RFQ
2D5633 6505-01-461-6347 mannitol injection Avl RFQ
2D0737 6505-01-107-2408 water for inhalatio Avl RFQ
2B7357 6505-00-009-1860 sorbitol solution m Avl RFQ
2B7114 6505-01-153-3796 water for irrigatio Avl RFQ
2B3409 6505-01-242-8865 cimetidine hydrochl Avl RFQ
2B2073Q 6505-01-370-8261 dextrose in lactate Avl RFQ
2B2073 6505-01-370-8261 dextrose in lactate Avl RFQ
2B1307 6505-01-462-7361 sodium chloride inj Avl RFQ
2B1134 6505-01-086-6680 dextrose and potass Avl RFQ
2B1073Q 6505-01-372-3423 dextrose and sodium Avl RFQ
2B1064X 6505-01-462-2502 dextrose and sodium Avl RFQ
2B0873P 6505-01-221-1528 theophylline in dex Avl RFQ
2B0851 6505-01-149-5036 gentamicin sulfate Avl RFQ
2B0134 6505-01-562-6835 dextrose injection Avl RFQ
2B0124 6505-01-562-6834 dextrose injection Avl RFQ
2B0089 6505-01-139-2846 dextrose injection Avl RFQ
2B0080 6505-01-463-9727 dextrose injection Avl RFQ
2A7114 6505-00-107-0923 water for injection Avl RFQ
2A7112 6505-00-400-5014 water for injection Avl RFQ
2A2554 6505-01-201-8167 dextrose and electr Avl RFQ
2A0304 6505-00-965-9181 water for injection Avl RFQ
2A0296 6505-01-240-3836 dextrose injection Avl RFQ
27379-322 6550-01-153-4258 creatine phosphokin Avl RFQ
2340-32 6550-01-145-8134 copper sulfate solu Avl RFQ
2068-4-6S 4730-01-354-9001 elbow pipe to boss Avl RFQ
1A6624 6505-01-162-9032 amino acid injectio Avl RFQ
1A6023 6505-01-169-5320 fat emulsion inject Avl RFQ
18H150 3020-01-159-7972 pulley timing belt Avl RFQ
17-11-00-535 5998-01-333-8416 printed circuit boa Avl RFQ
17 11 00 504 5930-01-334-8776 arm switch actuator Avl RFQ
16594 5305-00-848-6614 screw Avl RFQ
15B333 5905-01-387-0164 resistor thermal Avl RFQ
15-6221 5905-00-967-3432 resistor Avl RFQ
143-2055 PARTS KIT 6545-01-256-7006 parts kit laboratory c Avl RFQ
10817S 5930-01-386-2981 switch sensitive Avl RFQ
10651-901 7330-01-317-3341 liner water pitcher Avl RFQ
10328-045 8520-01-297-4352 towelette skin clea Avl RFQ
060-998 6505-01-467-4758 albumin human usp Avl RFQ
060-385 6505-01-467-5591 globulin immune for Avl RFQ
021-030 6550-00-159-8475 blood grouping seru Avl RFQ
02-17-01-410 5930-01-334-8729 switch slide Avl RFQ
000-171100598 5998-01-333-8416 printed circuit boa Avl RFQ

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