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At NSN Parts Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we offer our clients a streamlined parts purchasing platform. We readily provide 3Dbm Co Inc parts such as 0910B07-000, 10-21506-1, 10045609, 10045773, 10109888 and NSN 6130013925621, 5915009754174, 5985008034561, 5985009177868, 5985000559223. With a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts with civil and defense applications within the aerospace industry. As a trusted FAA AC 0056B accredited company and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), our clients rely on us to provide high quality NSN parts to meet NSN requirements.

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Part No NSN Item Name QTY RFQ
0910B07-000 6130-01-392-5621 power supply Avl RFQ
10-21506-1 5915-00-975-4174 network phase chang Avl RFQ
10045609 5985-00-803-4561 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
10045773 5985-00-917-7868 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
10109888 5985-00-055-9223 coupler directional Avl RFQ
10179984 5985-01-043-3135 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
10182292-2 5985-01-043-4993 attenuator variable Avl RFQ
103004 5985-00-971-2025 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
1040A01-200 5998-01-392-5616 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
1040D01-250 5998-01-392-5617 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
10548153 5985-00-009-8664 attenuator variable Avl RFQ
1056D01-350 5998-01-392-5613 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
1067D01-000 5998-01-392-5618 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
1067D01-050 5998-01-392-5642 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
1068D01-000-0 5998-01-392-5615 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
1069D01-000 5998-01-392-5619 circuit card assemb Avl RFQ
11438071 5985-01-195-9403 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
13038506 5985-01-170-4076 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
135107-2 5985-00-419-7486 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
145-01022-000 5961-01-622-3960 semiconductor devic Avl RFQ
15-0501-5896 5330-01-359-3555 gasket Avl RFQ
17-19097-1 5985-01-271-7255 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
171378-1 5985-00-113-5058 flange waveguide Avl RFQ
172658-1 5950-00-103-6974 coil radio frequenc Avl RFQ
174603-1 5985-00-325-5495 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
1750-1850DI-2 5985-01-240-9068 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
1804-CI-1 5985-01-289-3048 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
1X-11172-0001 5985-00-636-1540 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
2-30DL-358 5985-00-508-1273 dummy load electric Avl RFQ
2005X0 5955-01-266-3499 oscillator crystal con Avl RFQ
21-24CI 5985-01-214-6205 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
2116071 5985-00-163-3979 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
2136 5915-01-278-2462 filter radio freque Avl RFQ
2192306 5985-00-469-3078 seal waveguide Avl RFQ
23474 5950-00-646-2101 transformer power Avl RFQ
25003-B01-3068 6110-01-267-6846 regulator voltage Avl RFQ
2836704 5985-00-548-4230 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
284H-30 5985-00-494-7483 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
2900C1-6N-487 5985-00-494-7482 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
2920014 5985-01-052-3455 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
3264480 5985-01-103-0248 horn waveguide Avl RFQ
3271357-1 5985-01-099-9611 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
334D171G01 5985-00-563-0768 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
336D784H01 5985-00-563-1571 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
336D842G01 5985-00-225-7703 coupler directional Avl RFQ
337D002H01 5985-00-826-8168 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
341D560G01 5985-00-724-4894 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
341D561G01 5985-00-724-4893 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
37C1 5985-01-140-9585 isolator Avl RFQ
40636 3040-00-099-3949 shaft shouldered Avl RFQ
40638 3040-00-099-0079 shaft shouldered Avl RFQ
41151 5340-00-515-2164 handwheel Avl RFQ
42026 5961-01-267-6875 transistor Avl RFQ
45023 5961-01-267-6874 transistor Avl RFQ
46956 5985-00-621-4442 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
475-112-2 5985-01-331-7013 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
475-112-4 5985-01-331-7012 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
4S-10760-0001-1 5985-01-075-7355 dummy load electric Avl RFQ
50050-1 5995-00-395-1746 cable assembly radi Avl RFQ
50060 5999-00-413-2390 delay line Avl RFQ
5186904 5985-01-169-1007 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
5186905 5985-01-187-4950 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
5186906 5985-01-187-4949 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
518690A 5985-01-169-1007 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
5187256 5985-01-200-2785 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
5187372 5985-01-163-8572 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
5187402 5985-01-163-8571 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
5187404 5985-01-199-1415 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
5187771 5985-01-200-1730 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
5187778 5985-01-187-4962 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
5187983 5985-01-187-4952 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
5188494 5985-01-197-9715 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
5189386 5985-01-149-4066 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
5189612 5985-01-157-5544 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
52600 5985-00-642-7676 mixer crystal waveg Avl RFQ
5262551 5985-01-188-7408 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
5262563 5985-01-177-8736 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
5337170 5985-01-111-1225 seal waveguide Avl RFQ
5347695 5985-01-081-7487 attenuator variable Avl RFQ
5543318 5985-01-264-2759 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
5543320 5985-01-264-2909 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
565H-3 5985-00-949-3315 coupler directional Avl RFQ
583Z1297-1 5996-01-212-5295 amplifier radio fre Avl RFQ
60000 5915-00-413-2395 network switching m Avl RFQ
702001 5985-00-783-8704 horn waveguide Avl RFQ
725-775CI-NM-NF 5985-01-468-9490 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
750-112-2 5985-01-331-7014 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
750-112-4 5985-01-332-2243 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
76456 5985-00-571-5165 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
77C704752P1 5985-00-043-4188 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
8354634-501 6110-00-945-8944 panel power distrib Avl RFQ
8649860-8 5985-00-925-0709 cover waveguide fla Avl RFQ
8653757-518 5340-00-863-0449 strap webbing Avl RFQ
8769266-1 5985-00-943-8445 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
8775008-501 5985-01-022-8203 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
89161 5985-00-830-6252 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
9078051 5985-00-646-8301 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
90AD-10LS 5985-01-156-9038 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
90LN-1000 5985-01-249-9975 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
90TWC-20-7.25-A-1 5985-01-248-3651 coupler directional Avl RFQ
90WI-102 5985-00-929-2798 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
90WI-5 5985-00-089-8802 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
9141840 5985-00-442-2136 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
9190557 5985-00-409-0809 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
91910-1 5985-00-819-7344 reflector antenna Avl RFQ
91995 5985-00-406-4137 cover waveguide hor Avl RFQ
926204-1B 5985-01-122-4985 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
928088-5 5985-00-162-5936 dummy load electric Avl RFQ
990C805H01 5985-00-411-5158 attenuator variable Avl RFQ
9991587 5985-00-909-2433 attenuator variable Avl RFQ
9994480 5985-00-956-2642 coupler directional Avl RFQ
A-410 5985-01-205-2957 seal waveguide Avl RFQ
B-112-1.90 5985-01-160-8798 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
B-126-1.5-S 5985-01-154-7478 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
B-126-36-S 5985-01-154-7479 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
B-126-DE-2.30 5985-01-154-7477 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
B-136-DH-20.23 5985-01-154-7480 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
B-150-2.80-W 5985-01-154-7481 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
C0-11956 5915-00-162-4260 phase shifter elect Avl RFQ
C0-228 5985-01-063-9297 attenuator variable Avl RFQ
CX90S 5985-00-145-3514 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
DE-10BF 5985-01-009-2034 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
G300058S1 5915-00-725-5737 filter band pass Avl RFQ
H-117-FS-9.8 5985-00-175-7018 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
H-410 5985-00-088-5464 seal waveguide Avl RFQ
H90L-1 5985-01-156-8842 dummy load electric Avl RFQ
J-175-A-4 5985-00-944-8598 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
K-175-APC 5985-01-140-8122 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
K-362-A 5985-00-859-7057 coupler directional Avl RFQ
KU145-20 5985-01-077-5981 attenuator fixed Avl RFQ
KUWI-151SH 5985-01-099-9294 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
KUWI151SH-M 5985-01-343-4607 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
L-175 5985-00-402-1615 attenuator fixed Avl RFQ
L15S 5985-01-259-7612 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
M-210-S 5985-00-868-1674 dummy load electric Avl RFQ
MX-170A 5985-00-888-1467 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
N655988-29 5985-00-023-6730 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
P-175-1.5NF 5985-00-144-2176 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
P-175-APC 5985-00-136-8330 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
P-362 B 5985-00-226-6846 coupler directional Avl RFQ
P-410 5985-01-059-1188 seal waveguide Avl RFQ
P175SSC 5985-00-004-0105 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
P362A 5985-00-604-3327 coupler directional Avl RFQ
P362D 5985-00-562-8870 coupler directional Avl RFQ
R-141-146 5985-00-929-2831 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
R-146 5985-00-929-2831 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
R-362B 5985-00-777-1373 coupler directional Avl RFQ
R-90-0 5985-00-955-9920 seal waveguide Avl RFQ
RFSW0390 5915-01-441-7271 filter subassembly Avl RFQ
S-10760-1 5985-01-075-7355 dummy load electric Avl RFQ
S-11375 5985-01-042-1833 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
S-11375-S 5985-01-186-5577 flange waveguide Avl RFQ
S-11809 5985-00-113-5058 flange waveguide Avl RFQ
S175B 5985-00-772-2119 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
SBF2245-3 5915-01-016-8628 filter band pass Avl RFQ
SC1M225 5985-01-003-8039 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
SCIM225 5985-01-003-8039 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
SM-A-717672 5985-01-007-5819 circulator radio fr Avl RFQ
SM-C-461321 5985-00-724-9766 seal waveguide Avl RFQ
SM-C-655555 5985-00-412-9254 cover waveguide flange Avl RFQ
SS-10061 5960-00-097-7007 thyratron solid sta Avl RFQ
VCX0162 5955-00-467-5295 oscillator noncryst Avl RFQ
VLA70-30 5996-00-476-8617 amplifier radio fre Avl RFQ
WRD-750-175 5985-00-258-6429 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
X-110-3 5985-00-838-3333 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
X-110-41.6A 5985-01-112-7233 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
X-110-7-D-A 5985-01-247-5395 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
X-110-8-D-A 5985-01-269-2654 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
X-126-1-A-M-C 5985-01-247-5396 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
X-150-5.68-W 5985-01-158-5645 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
X-150-9.19-W 5985-01-156-9039 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
X-173-1 5985-01-156-8783 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
X-173-A-1.1 5985-01-247-7403 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
X-175-A 5985-00-892-0732 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
X-175-A-1.2 5985-00-241-9010 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
X-175-F-MM 5985-01-055-1814 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
X-210-S 5985-00-705-4356 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
X-211 5985-00-778-5152 dummy load electric Avl RFQ
X-216-A-1.50 5985-01-248-4985 dummy load electric Avl RFQ
X-219-20-5.25-A 5985-00-683-5318 attenuator fixed Avl RFQ
X-219-20-5.5-A 5985-00-683-5318 attenuator fixed Avl RFQ
X-231-1.378 5985-01-068-0923 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
X-311 5985-00-624-8798 tuner waveguide Avl RFQ
X-362-20 5985-00-563-0115 coupler directional Avl RFQ
X-382A 5985-00-927-6677 horn waveguide Avl RFQ
X-418 5985-00-783-9253 switch waveguide Avl RFQ
X8830 5985-01-170-6000 coupler directional Avl RFQ
X8830-A 5985-01-339-0612 coupler directional Avl RFQ
X9.11 5985-01-327-3017 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ
X90L-1 5985-01-156-8842 dummy load electric Avl RFQ
XA9-20 5985-01-075-5469 attenuator fixed Avl RFQ
XB-17-15-26-W 5985-01-166-3154 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
XCC10 6145-01-228-2313 cable power electri Avl RFQ
XCGC-40D 5985-01-089-3560 coupler directional Avl RFQ
XF1004-2 5985-00-134-1556 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
XF1006 5985-00-134-1558 waveguide assembly Avl RFQ
XLXT91 5985-01-293-1091 adapter waveguide Avl RFQ
XPS10-12 5915-01-088-8372 phase shifter elect Avl RFQ
XVS96 5985-00-438-2921 dummy load electric Avl RFQ
XWI103SH 5985-01-089-9019 isolator radio freq Avl RFQ

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