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At NSN Parts Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we offer our clients a streamlined parts purchasing platform. We readily provide Suhner Otto Ag parts such as 13BNC50-0-3133H, 16MCX-50-2-3111NE, 3400410013, 34N-50-0-3133, 43SMA-50-0-1111 and NSN . With a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts with civil and defense applications within the aerospace industry. As a trusted FAA 0056B accredited company and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), our clients rely on us to provide high quality NSN parts to meet NSN requirements.

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Part No RFQ
13BNC50-0-3133H RFQ
16MCX-50-2-3111NE RFQ
3400410013 RFQ
34N-50-0-3133 RFQ
43SMA-50-0-1111 RFQ
85 ARC-150-0-1E04111 RFQ
22644324 RFQ
34MMXC-50-0-1 RFQ
11N50744C RFQ
11SMA-50-1-4111NE RFQ
82MCX-50-0-102 RFQ
22641358 RFQ
12SMS-50-0-1111NE RFQ
22640631 RFQ
11N50324133NE RFQ
11MMCX50-1-1C 11MMCX RFQ
22611728 RFQ
22MCX-50-0-2-111NE RFQ
11MMCX-50-2-3 RFQ
11N-50-9-8C003 RFQ
16MCX-50-2-6 111NE RFQ
11SMA-50-3-8C RFQ
29SMS-50-2-4 RFQ
22650170 RFQ
11SMA-50-1-2111NE RFQ
85 ARC-U50-0-1Z0711 RFQ
11MMCX50-1-1C RFQ
11-716-50-0-2C003 RFQ
16MCX-50-1-7133NH RFQ
22SMC-50-0-2111 RFQ
34MMCX50-0-1C111 RFQ
11N-50-7-44133 RFQ
85 ARC-150-0-1E0411 RFQ
22651748 RFQ
22641270 RFQ
22540811 RFQ
16-716-50-7-11003E RFQ
82MCX-50-0-2111NH RFQ
22540644 RFQ
34N-50-0-3133NE RFQ
85 ARC-U50-0-1Z07111 RFQ
16MCX-75-2-1C113 RFQ
11BNT-50-3-2C RFQ
21-716-50-7-2C003 RFQ
16MCX-50-2-104.111NH RFQ
22SMC50C3111 RFQ
29SMS-50-2-4111 RFQ
33-716-N-50-1 RFQ
11N507-24C133 RFQ
25 BNC-50-1-1C133 RFQ
50-57-9018 RFQ
22641550 RFQ
11MMCX5011111OE RFQ
11N501221C133 RFQ
11SMA-50-1-1C RFQ
82MCX-50-0-17111NH RFQ
82MCX-50-0-102133 JH RFQ
23010115 RFQ
85 ARC-150-0-1K0411 RFQ
22540872 RFQ
82MCX-50-0-133 RFQ
21SMA-50-3-70199 RFQ
11SMA-50-1-2C RFQ
22641153 RFQ
22641614 RFQ
12SMS-50-0-1133 NH RFQ
22540765 RFQ
22641493 RFQ
11MCX50211133 RFQ
11BNC50316133NE RFQ
11SMA-50-1-2C111 RFQ
82MCX-75-0-1111 RFQ
22540920 RFQ
82MCX-50-0-2 RFQ
22651455 RFQ
16MCX-50-1-7111 RFQ
22651564 RFQ
22541142 RFQ
11N50744133NE RFQ
22641573 RFQ
29SMS-50-2-4C RFQ
SM8611SMA250c RFQ
22644246 RFQ
22540709 RFQ
11N50012003F RFQ
115MA5036111NH RFQ
11MMCX-50-2-1C111 RFQ
22652171 RFQ
22540657 RFQ
22MCX-50-0-19133NH RFQ
85MMCX-S50-0-51119OG RFQ
ES7557-03 RFQ
22644334 RFQ
22SHV-50-0-2133NE RFQ
11N-50-7-43C133 RFQ
11BNC-50-4-4 RFQ
82MCX-50-0-19111NH RFQ
16MCX-50-2-1111 RFQ
22640665 RFQ
16MCX-75-2-1111NE RFQ
82MCX-50-0-13 RFQ
22541144 RFQ
85MMCX-S50-0-51119G RFQ
22644579 RFQ
22541058 RFQ
11N-50-7-49C133 RFQ
46BNC7501133NE RFQ
22643207 RFQ
85 ARC-150-0-1K04111 RFQ
16MCX-50-2-6 111NH RFQ
82MCX-75-0-1321 RFQ
11MMCX-50-2-4111 RFQ
22540800 RFQ
22540802 RFQ
23010015 RFQ
16MCX-50-2-5C133 RFQ
16MCX-50-2-11 111NH RFQ
22644077 RFQ
11BNC50316133NH RFQ
22641259 RFQ
ES7558-04 RFQ
11N-50-7-5133 RFQ
22650889 RFQ
11SMA-0-2-41C133H RFQ
22641377 RFQ
22652020 RFQ
16MCX-75-2-1113 RFQ
A0318455 RFQ
22660133 RFQ
16MCX-50-2-1C RFQ
22651495 RFQ
25-716-50-7-9C-0M RFQ
11BNT-50-3-1C103 RFQ
22641297 RFQ
976201C RFQ
12534457100M RFQ
22644336 RFQ
11MCX50210 RFQ
22651457 RFQ
22541070 RFQ
22SMC-50-0-3111NE RFQ
22660064 RFQ
34BMA-SMA-50-2 RFQ
85MMCX-50-0-1111OE RFQ
22540861 RFQ
22641229 RFQ
22540389 RFQ
22644155 RFQ
16MCX-50-2-6133NH RFQ
ES7558-05 RFQ
34BNC50-0-1133 RFQ
23010457 RFQ
22541069 RFQ
22643200 RFQ
22540711 RFQ
34MCX-75-0-1111NE RFQ
33N-50-0-51 RFQ
16MCX-50-2-103111 RFQ
22540631 RFQ
ES7522-01 RFQ
16MCX-50-2-5133NH RFQ
34MCX-75-0-1 111 RFQ
22650181 RFQ
11BNC-50-3-4c133 RFQ
85 ARC-150-0-1C04111 RFQ
22642848 RFQ
16-716-50-7-9C000M RFQ
22652023 RFQ
16MCX-50-2-3111NH RFQ
22540608 RFQ
11N-50-7-37C133 RFQ
22540799 RFQ
82MCX-50-0-17111 RFQ
22540627 RFQ
22644146 RFQ
16TCN-50-3-110133 UH RFQ
16MCX-50-1-7111NH RFQ
25-716-50-8-21C003H RFQ
33OPCT-N-50-11-UE RFQ
21N-50-2-3133NE RFQ
11N-75-3-4133NE RFQ
22540378 RFQ
82MCX-50-0-6C122C RFQ
22540930 RFQ
16MCX-50-2-6111 RFQ
16MCX-50-2-3113NE RFQ
ES7557-01 RFQ
85 ARC-150-0-1C0411 RFQ
22650908 RFQ
11N-50-9-35C RFQ
21N-50-23-1003 RFQ
22540549 RFQ

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