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At NSN Parts Hub, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor LLC, we offer our clients a streamlined parts purchasing platform. We readily provide Siemens Schweiz Ag parts such as C334Z21C167, V1077-Z1410-J2, V1077-Z2256-J1, V3724Z40X493, V3722-Z2741-X517 and NSN 5935001984041, 5905010259317, 5905010658330, 5962011370970, 5962010485215. With a database of over 3 billion new and obsolete parts with civil and defense applications within the aerospace industry. As a trusted FAA 0056B accredited company and AS9120B, ISO 9001:2015 certified member of the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), our clients rely on us to provide high quality NSN parts to meet NSN requirements.

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CAGE Code : S3120

Part No RFQ
C334Z21C167 RFQ
V1077-Z1410-J2 RFQ
V1077-Z2256-J1 RFQ
V3724Z40X493 RFQ
V3722-Z2741-X517 RFQ
V1051Z3610K RFQ
C195-Z12-C7 RFQ
V1051Z3247K RFQ
V1078Z4139F RFQ
V1051Z4222K RFQ
V2051Z6115K2 RFQ
V1051Z6039K RFQ
V2051Z6333M5 RFQ
U50E12X1 RFQ
U169-E504-X143 RFQ
V1601-Z2210-F RFQ
V2051Z6010K2 RFQ
U169E505X133 RFQ
V1051Z4122K RFQ
N6880-Z80-C105 RFQ
V3724Z40X23 RFQ
V2051-Z6047-J2 RFQ
V1051-Z5039-K RFQ
V1051Z5210K RFQ
C334Z21C174 RFQ
V1051-Z5168-K RFQ
V1051Z3222K RFQ
C334Z17C68 RFQ
N4806-Z24-A104 RFQ
N4806-Z24-A112 RFQ
U208-E404-K433 RFQ
C334-Z17-C284 RFQ
C334-Z17-C75 RFQ
U208E702X183 RFQ
V1002-Z5211-F500 RFQ
N4806-Z24-A131 RFQ
V3721-Z747-X2 RFQ
V3324Z918X1 RFQ
V3741Z4X1 RFQ
C334-A27-B22 RFQ
C334Z17C210 RFQ
V2051Z6015K2 RFQ
C334-Z17-C44 RFQ
V1051Z4006K800 RFQ
V1051-Z3382-K RFQ
U169E504X147 RFQ
N4806-Z24-A132 RFQ
V2051Z6210K5 RFQ
V1051-Z2139-J RFQ
U208E702X164 RFQ
C195Z3C10 RFQ
V1051Z6122K RFQ
C334-Z52-C255 RFQ
C327-Z11-C11 RFQ
V3724-Z40-X112 RFQ
V1051Z4022K RFQ
C121-Z10-C17 RFQ
V1051-Z3068-K RFQ
V3741-Z14-X1 RFQ
V1077-Z2110-J1 RFQ
C334-Z17-C56 RFQ
C334-Z17-C331 RFQ
V1051-Z3512-K RFQ
V1051-Z3468-K RFQ
V3724-Z8708-X2 RFQ
V1051Z4027K RFQ
C104Z14C15 RFQ
C334-Z36-C11 RFQ
V1078Z4110F RFQ
V1051Z5310K RFQ
V3724-Z40-X22 RFQ
V1001-Z3056-J RFQ
V3722-Z541-X852 RFQ
V1051-Z2051-J RFQ
C123Z9C149 RFQ
U208E702X242 RFQ
C195-Z8-C52 RFQ
V3324-Z914-X1 RFQ
V1051-Z3482-K RFQ
V3722-Z541-X502 RFQ
V1051-Z4268-K RFQ
N4806-Z24-A110 RFQ
V2051Z3310J2 RFQ
V1051-Z2047-J RFQ
V3722-Z2742-X797 RFQ
V2051Z6047K2 RFQ
V1077-Z2315-J1 RFQ
C334-Z36-C10 RFQ
V1601-Z2191-F RFQ
C334-A27-B23 RFQ
C121-Z10-C21 RFQ
C123Z9C11 RFQ
V1078Z4010F RFQ
V3724Z40X13 RFQ
C334-Z36-C7 RFQ
C334-Z11-C14 RFQ
C334-Z17-C53 RFQ
SN50776-PE(SV)-FL-19 RFQ
C334-Z52-C252 RFQ
V3722-Z2741-X617 RFQ
V3221Z1X1 RFQ
V1051Z2239J RFQ
V1051-Z2510 RFQ
U208E702X222 RFQ
U60E502X1 RFQ
C334-Z17-C450 RFQ
U208E702X176 RFQ
C334-Z17-C98 RFQ
V1051Z3510K RFQ
U177-E10-X2 RFQ
V1051-Z2156-J RFQ
V2051Z6056K2 RFQ
C121-Z10-C8 RFQ
C334Z13C109 RFQ
N4806-Z24-A102 RFQ
U177E9X2 RFQ
C334-Z36-C9 RFQ
C195-Z8-C53 RFQ
C121-Z10-C13 RFQ
C334Z17C313 RFQ
SN50776-PE(SV)-GE-64 RFQ
C104Z14C16 RFQ
C334-Z52-C163 RFQ
V1051-Z3118-K RFQ
V1002-Z4001-J RFQ
C221Z91C151 RFQ
V1001-Z5139-J RFQ
V1051Z2247J RFQ
V1601-Z2022-F RFQ
N4806-Z24-A130 RFQ
V3324-Z2222-X RFQ
V1077-Z2147-J1 RFQ
C334-Z17-C52 RFQ
V1051-Z3412-K RFQ
V1700-Z1-X1 RFQ
V1078Z4082F RFQ
C123-Z9-C67 RFQ
V1001-Z5127-J RFQ
V3721Z1X2 RFQ
C334Z17C90 RFQ
V1601-Z4005-G600 RFQ
V3722-Z2741-X387 RFQ
V3724Z40X503 RFQ
V1001-Z3022-J RFQ
C123-Z9-C156 RFQ
V3722-Z541-X212 RFQ
V3721-Z741-X2 RFQ
U208E702X155 RFQ
C50Z2C10 RFQ
V3722-Z2074-X7 RFQ
C121-Z13-C11 RFQ
C104Z14C1 RFQ
V2051Z6110K2 RFQ
V3722-Z551-X152 RFQ
V1051-Z2118-J RFQ
V1601-Z2056-F RFQ
SN50776-PE(SV)-SW-48 RFQ
SN50776-PE(SV)-FL-64 RFQ
V3721-Z12-X31 RFQ
C221Z91C43 RFQ
V1051Z4006K800 RFQ
V1051Z3282K RFQ
0327-Z11-023 RFQ
V1078-Z4020-F RFQ
V3724-Z40-X162 RFQ
C195Z12C8 RFQ
V3308-Z7-X14 RFQ
V1051Z3268K RFQ
C334-Z36-C4 RFQ
C334-Z17-C283 RFQ
C334-Z36-C3 RFQ
V3724Z40X271 RFQ
C177-Z1-Z37 RFQ
V3722-Z2741-X457 RFQ
V3722-Z541-X602 RFQ
C334-Z21-C461 RFQ
V1051-Z3112-K RFQ
V1051-Z5027-K RFQ
V1051-Z2147-J RFQ
V1051Z3215K RFQ
V1051Z3056K RFQ
V3722-Z2741-X237 RFQ
V2051-6010-K2 RFQ
U208E702X224 RFQ
V3722-Z2074-X857 RFQ
V3724-Z26-X9 RFQ
C334Z17C169 RFQ
V1051Z4212K RFQ
V1601-Z3210-F RFQ
V1001-Z5143-J RFQ
U208E702X142 RFQ
V3724-Z45-X12 RFQ
V3724Z40X113 RFQ
V1051-Z3333-K RFQ

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