What is Gas Turbine Combustion Chamber and It's Uses

When considering the many types of vehicles that we rely on every day, it is surprising to know that a majority of them may rely on the same type of turbine: the gas turbine. The uses of gas turbine combustion include the operation of ships, locomotives, aircraft, helicopters, and even some cars and buses. Although many may know that turbines and engines require some sort of fuel to operate, many may not know how that fuel is utilized. In this article, we will discuss the role of gas turbine combustion chambers, and how they use fuel to drive our vehicles.

Combustion chambers utilize the energy created by combusted gas, using its heat and pressure to drive the entire system. The pressure and heat can be used to actuate pistons, crankshafts, turbine discs, and much more to produce thrust and fulfill other operations. This is achieved through a mixture of fuel and air, which together through stable combustion can optimally drive a vehicle.

Air from the compressor and fuel is rapidly and efficiently mixed together through the use of turbulence. This mixture is then brought to the combustion chamber through the use of intake valves. Within the combustion chamber, the mixture is injected through various nozzles and then lit with the use of spark plugs. The resulting ignition then releases energy that is harnessed by the chamber, converted from static pressure to dynamic pressure, then delivered to the turbine for the turbine blades.

In regards to gas turbine engines, there are various types of combustors including the can type, cannular type, and annular type. Can type combustors consist of various individual chambers that each have their own casing, injectors, liners, etc. Cannular types are similar to can combustors as they have their own liners and injectors, though they share the same casing. In regards to the last type, the annular combustor, each chamber is interconnected through a single liner that is encased in a ring.

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