Aircraft Engine Oil And Its Uses

Many aircraft engines create propulsion for flight through the combustion of fuel and frequent moving parts. As a result, engines typically generate high amounts of heat and friction. This heat can spread to surrounding components and if left unchecked, could even damage the system as a whole. Through the use of aircraft engine oil, heat and friction caused by normal operation can be mitigated. The benefits of engine oil are so useful that without it, an aircraft engine may fail within a matter of minutes.

Within aircraft engine systems, engine oil can serve a variety of important functions. It provides for lubrication, cleaning, cooling, corrosion protection, and more for the interior components. As a lubrication oil, it works to reduce the friction and corrosion between moving parts by creating a layer of oil for fluid friction. Engine oil, in particular, is useful due to its ability to withstand pressures and high temperatures. With reduced friction, components can be protected and allowed to function with much more efficiency.

The other extremely critical function of engine oil is found in the cooling and cleaning of the engine system. Oil is pumped around the engine components to absorb generated heat, bringing it to an aircraft cooler oil to help lower its temperature. During this time, oil also works to clean the engine and provide a protective coat against corrosion. As the oil moves around components, it picks up sediment and other contaminants, depositing them in a filter for removal. As the oil can pick up a great amount of contaminants over time, filters and oil should be changed and cleaned regularly.

Viscosity is important when choosing the right type of oil for your aircraft as outside temperatures can affect an oil’s ability to properly function. Depending on the situation and conditions, the manufacturer of the engine may offer various recommendations for oils. When unsure, there are multigrade oils available that can be used that remain viscous under a range of temperatures.

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